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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Honenu versus the Israeli Mainstream Media

I've been a supporter of Honenu for years.  It's the legal aid organization for Jews/Israelis unfairly targeted by the government.
Honenu is an Israeli Zionist legal aid organization which offers legal assistance to our people to protect and preserve their rights to receive a fair judicial process. We provide legal services to approximately 1000 arrestees a year. Soldiers and civilians who find themselves in legal entanglements due to defending themselves against Arab aggression, or due to their love for Israel, have an organization that will come to their aid 24 hours a day. In the Arab-Jewish conflict in Israel there are dozens of foreign funded organizationshelping our enemies. We are there for those loyal to the Jewish people.
Following is one of their latest reports:
Post on Peace Now's Facebook page, later removedPeace Now removed post defaming Honenu from their Facebook page
Posted on  by adminWednesday, February 26, 16:07 Following a letter from Yosef Ben Baruch warning the left wing organization Peace Now of a lawsuit, they were forced to remove a post from their Facebook page entitled “The extreme right – Not at our expense!”
Post on Peace Now’s Facebook page, later removed
The post continued, “Until today you did not know that you also are funding the extreme right wing non-profit organization Honenu which defends murderers and ‘price tag’ criminals.
“A special investigation by Peace Now reveals that this non-profit organization [Honenu] (alongside other right wing non-profits), enjoys a benefit [the 46a clause] intended to assist non-profit organizations working for the good of the community, and succeeds in causing all of us to pay for its operation.
“This is the time to demand that the finance minister immediately cancel the 46a [clause] for the extreme right wing non-profit organizations and to stop the funding granted to them at our expense.”
To the post was attached an announcement discouraging donations to Honenu, an organization which assists “terrorists”, according to Peace Now, and calling on Finance Minister Yair Lapid to cancel Honenu’s eligibility for the 46a clause. It should be noted that in the announcement a photograph of Yosef Ben Baruch appears with a caption accusing him of being one of the organizers of the Bat Ayin Underground, despite the fact that over 10 years ago he was exonerated by the court of any involvement with the Bat Ayin incidents. Ben Baruch sent a letter to Peace Now warning them of a 250,000 NIS lawsuit.
Additionally attorney Doron Nir Tzvi, who is representing Honenu and the Shomron Settlers’ Council, sent a warning letter to Israeli Channel 2 following a broadcast by commentator Amnon Abramovitz on the February 21 Friday night program Ulpan Shishi.
In the letter sent to Channel 2 and to Amnon Abramovitz, Nir Tzvi states that “In the latest Ulpan Shishi of 21/2/14 a program of Mr. Abramovitz was broadcast of which the heading on the Internet page is “Operating Illegally and Receiving Benefits”. From this fraudulent heading and also the concluding statement of Mr. Abramovitz (“The non-profit organizations which operate illegally …”) the understanding is that Honenu (with which the body of the broadcast deals) operates illegally, whereas the organization holds a certificate of sound management and has never carried out an illegal act.”
Also in the letter Nir Tzvi demanded on behalf of Honenu and the Shomron Settlers’ Council that Channel 2 promptly publicize an apology the size, placement and wording of which will be determined beforehand and in writing by his clients. Also the letter demanded that Channel 2 immediately remove or change the fraudulent heading.
The letter continued, “Furthermore in the broadcast a video clip was shown without credit given to my client – the Shomron Settlers’ Council – and giving fraudulent credit to Channel 2. Also photographs from the Honenu website were used without permission and without giving credit. You are hereby required to compensate my clients with the sum of 50,000 NIS for theft of the aforementioned rights and to immediately remove the video clip and the photographs from [your page and website] on the Internet.
“Needless to say Mr. Abramovitz did not take the trouble to receive Honenu’s response to the defamatory broadcast about the organization, which is in violation of the Rules of Journalistic Ethics, and my client will consider filing a complaint on the matter with the Israel Press Council.”
It should be noted that the Channel 2 broadcast aired on Friday, February 21 after Yariv Oppenheimer, the director of Peace Now, approached other media networks over the previous few weeks with the same material. The material had been published previously in an article by Haaretz journalist Uri Blau in said newspaper; no media other than Channel 2 agreed to take the rehashed, recycled material. At the time the claims were published in the Haaretz article they were examined by the relevant authorities who confirmed that contributions to Honenu are tax exempt under the 46a clause.
Honenu responds: “Despite the impression given by the Channel 2 broadcast, Honenu does not receive any assistance or a budget from the State of Israel. All of Honenu’s work is accomplished through ‘grass roots’ efforts. Honenu works to promote the purpose for which the organization was founded, the purpose which was authorized by the National Registrar of Non-Profit Organizations and deemed eligible for the 46a clause. In the broadcast and from the statements by Amnon Abramovitz it seems that there is a cynical and ugly attempt to influence the decisions of a high-ranking judge in Israel.
“At the core of democracy is the rights of the individual, the right to a fair trial, the right to be innocent until proven guilty. Honenu will continue to assist soldiers and civilians who find themselves in legal entanglements due to defending themselves against Arab aggression, or due to their love for Israel. Peace Now’s campaign is prejudicial against a certain segment of the population and we urge those who are interested in justice for all to contribute to Honenu.”
Please share this and support Honenu!


Leah said...

Before I became a conservative thinker and voter, before I became frum, before I used my head to think I thought that if I felt strongly about something it must have been the correct way.
When I look at these organizations- those that defend terrorists at the expense of their own blood and heritage/ mesorah I think, "My gosh. They are emotional to the point that they have not bothered to do their homework."
How can one possible defend the murderers of their brothers and sisters whom are klal Yisroel????

Anonymous said...

The so-called mainstream media and the powers that be are going full force against the good Jews. Honenu is a wonderful organization helping those who are victims of the blood libels against them by the vicious enemies from within & from without. Peace Now is at the top of the list of those who hate Jews.

Batya said...

Leah, Honenu is a true civil rights organization, unlike the hypocrisy of the Left.
a, amen, amen