Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Peace sic Deal?" Read the Labels and Listen Carefully

During my recent visit to the states, my cousin saved me $10- because he read the receipt, sign and label carefully.  My new fanny pack had the wrong label on it, a mistake made in many stores on occasion including the Yafiz where I work.  Even if he hadn't caught the mistake, ten dollars wouldn't have broken me, but it certainly was a good reminder and nice to get the money returned.

The State of Israel is under constant international and internal political pressure to make a "mistake" that will cost us a lot more than $10.  There's a so called "peace" sic deal (note that the words agreement and treaty aren't heard all that often) between us and the Arabs who want to destroy us which can only irreparably harm Israel.  And even worse is the fact that the Arabs have consistently said that they aren't offering peace with the Jewish State of Israel.
In recent months, a growing number of top Fatah officials such as Jibril Rajoub, Tawfik Tirawi and Mahmoud al-Aloul – all members of the Fatah Central Committee – have publicly come out in favor of a return to an “armed struggle” against Israel. Rajoub and Tirawi are former commanders of the Palestinian security forces in the West Bank and are considered close allies of Abbas. Al-Aloul, who is also closely associated with Abbas, is a former governor of the West Bank’s largest city, Nablus. In addition, various armed groups belonging to Fatah, such as the Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, continue to maintain a presence not only in the West Bank, but the Gaza Strip as well. The group’s militiamen never miss an opportunity to issue all kinds of threats against Israel, including turning Tel Aviv into a “mass of flame.” Abbas has chosen not to comment on the calls by his top loyalists for an “armed struggle” against Israel.
Read more at: http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/columns/khaled-abu-toameh/fatah-and-the-armed-struggle-against-israel/2014/02/11/
It's no secret.  If true lasting peace would be on the menu, then that would be the policy promoted by Abbas's Fatah and its leaders.  What I'm saying is simple logic.

When my customers in Yafiz ask if a clothing item is 100% cotton, we check the label.  I never make claims I can't prove.  Israel's Left and all of the international busybodies, such as American Secretary of State John Kerry are making very empty promises about what the Arabs will do for us if we agree to their "deal."
Palestinian envoy to peace talks rebuffs Livni: We won't recognize Israel as a Jewish stateThe Palestinian Authority reiterated Monday its refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
The announcement came in response to statements attributed to Justice Minister Tzipi Livni to the effect that the PA is ready to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
But the Arabs themselves haven't promised/pledged anything resembling minimal recognition and peace.  It's no secret. They aren't even trying to be discreet about their true plans.

Back to simple logic.  If the so-called "peace partners" aren't interested in agreeing to peace, then why are we continuing to cooperate in these negotiations?

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