Thursday, August 29, 2013

War With Syria? Should We Be Dusting Off Our Gas Masks?

There's nothing more dangerous for world peace than a bunch of trigger happy, inexperienced Leftists. 

United States President Barack Hussein Obama should never have been elected.  It was the most racist elections in the history of the United States.  If he had been 100% white, with his experience and qualifications, he never would have been elected.  People voted for him because he's colored. Now he may be causing a very dangerous war in the Middle East by totally overacting in how he wants to "punish" Syria for using chemical weapons.

Obama doesn't even have the support of the American Military.  Listen to this Fox report, which I can't get the embedded link for.  Anyone with a minimum of military/diplomatic experience will easily point out how senseless the threats are.  And just like with Bush The First's Iraq/Gulf War, it will just be an excuse for Israel to be attacked.  The Syrians will take out their anger on us, not on the Americans which are spearheading the threats against them.

The internal (within a foreign country) use of chemical weapons is immoral by popular western standards, but it's certainly no reason to plan on bombing the said/guilty country.  How will that show, teach moral superiority?

It's like beating up a kid because he hit another kid.
"Don't you ever hit," smack! "anyone ever" bang! "again!!"

First of all, there should be emergency United Nations Security Council meetings called to condemn Syria and institute a full range of sanctions, including closing all foreign embassies in Syria, sending their diplomats packing, etc.  If the point is to punish the Syrian regime, then they are the ones to be punished, not the Syrian citizens.  The fallout from an American-led attack would land on Israel, while Bashar al-Assad would be emboldened and strengthened for standing against America.

All foreign aid and NGO programs to Syria must cease.  That's how you use moral superiority against an enemy regime.  You don't use military weapons.

Thankfully, the more other foreign leaders think about the issue, the more sense they are making
photo credit: Gili Yaari/Flash 90
"To see a government in the 21st century gassing its own citizens is an abomination and the world has to move against that, Mulcair said. "That should be done through the institutions of international law, in particularly the United Nations."

So, G-d willing, we won't have to search through our attic for the old gas masks and then exchange them for new ones.


Anonymous said...

you may just be right batya. perhaps its us of the nations of the world that will soon need the masks.

Radioactive Plume Coming to West Coast
The West Coast will see a dramatic increase in radiation as the main Fukushima plume finally reaches the US shores over the next few months. It will continue to radiate California for the next 10 years.
It will hit Hawaii by early 2014.

This is not to say radiation has not already hit and increases in infant mortality due to this has already been tracked from the West Coast to Pennsylvania.

How long shall the land mourn, and the
herbs of the whole field wither? For the
wickedness of them that dwell therein,
the beasts are consumed, and the birds
What we worry about is bio-accumulation over time and claims that people on the coast should not worry are ridiculous and attempts to hide the truth.
Tepco needs to get in competent help to shut down the plant completely and forever.

Batya said...

From what I just heard on the news, Obama is backtracking.