Thursday, August 22, 2013

Best of Latma, Part 2

Latma is the brilliant Israeli political parody brought to us by Caroline Glick.  Due to financial problems, it's being forced to change somehow. 
After 200 episodes, the Tribal Update, Latma's flagship satirical newscast is coming to a close. We were supposed to be broadcast on Israel TV's Channel 1 as the station's prime time satire show. We were approved by all the professional committees not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 times over the past two years. Time after time, they told us they were about to send us the contract. We even sat down and negotiated a contract with them a year ago, but then, each time, they put us on hold. In this fourth iteration of this farce, we have been waiting to receive a contract since Shavuot. Maybe one will arrive in the mail. Maybe it got lost in the mail. Or maybe our assessment at the outset, that the Left's control over the Israeli media is so enormous that leftist commissars are willing to break their own rules to keep a satirical voice of Zionism off the air was spot on, and they will continue leading us by the nose and pretending they are a meritorcracy and don't discriminate against Zionists for the next generation.
At any rate, we have reached the end of our financial rope. Over the past year, believing the stories we were told by the powers that be on Channel 1 that we would be moving to the small screen almost immediately, we built up the production capabilities of a top line prime time television show. And the costs, for a donation based project are just too high. So we're ending our run...
I'm not one of those who knows what will happen next, but the Latma team has put together this "Best of Latma" program, which is definitely worth watching.

There is English translation, which may be hidden by ads.  Click the "x" on the ad to see the English.  Listen, read carefully and be prepared with tissues, really.  They hit on the truth like a good reflexology that hits just the spot connected to the pain.

The downsizing of Latma is a sad day for Israeli democracy and free thought.


Anonymous said...

So sad, so sad... Latma's team was so brillant and those guys had such a clever and funny way to speak of politics...

Batya said...

a, I agree
Why hasn't anyone been able to put enough money for it to continue?