Monday, August 26, 2013

The Morsi, Syria, Lebanon etc Lesson for Israel

I should hope that this principle is taught in "Introduction to Political Science/International Relations" courses, the required prerequisite for anyone interested in learning how governments and history really work.

International treaties require stable governments or they are useless.

Maybe I'm naïve.  I must admit that I have no formal academic training in Political Science or International Relations.  I've just been following the news, international of course, for over half a century.  Yes, I'm old.  I've seen countries and super-powers come and go.  I remember the irony of Mao, when his Communist Red China population was forced to wear one type of jacket as he mocked the United States as a "paper tiger."  Today the Chinese have a stronger and more materialist economy than the USA, and their Communism is long gone.

I remember American government leaders quaking at the thought of an attack from the USSR, which today doesn't exist.  But the Americans, who claim to be the strongest and most powerful country in the world, still fear Castro's poverty-ridden Cuba.

To be honest, I don't have too much respect for the "experts."  How many predicted the events I lived through?  I prefer my common sense.

According to Jewish Law, an insane person can't sign an important contract. Potential aka wannabe converts who are mentally unstable can't be converted to Judaism. One has to be fully rational to make such a life-changing decision. If a woman is married to a man with serious psychiatric problems, his ability to give her a get for divorce can be affected.

Considering the instability, anarchy in the Arab world, how can the Israeli Government even think of signing any sort of "peace treaty" with anybody?  And certainly the so-called Palestinians sic have no reliable track record to attempt an "enemy country in a country" which has never been peaceful/successful.  Have you ever heard of West Berlin?

Israel is the one economically successful, democratic, stable country in the Middle East. 
Lots of Arabs are also being killed in Lebanon
Saudi, Gulf throw weight behind Egypt after Morsi ousted
Too late for Obama to act on Syria
Report: U.S. to Warn Israel in Advance of Syria Attack, Security Officials Say Assad Unlikely to Retaliate Against Israel  (Has the USA ever predicted these things correctly?)
Russia to U.S.: Don't Repeat Your Past Mistakes in Syria
Here’s How Kerry, Hillary and Obama Let Assad Get Away with Murder
Iran Draws ‘Red Line’ against US Intervention in Syria

Why risk everything for an experiment AKA "Peace Treaty" sic that will inevitably result in war, death and destruction?


NormanF said...

Moreover the Arabs betray each other at the drop of a hat.

Why in the world would any one think they would respect an agreement signed with the hated infidel Jews when they cannot live in peace with each other?

I wouldn't buy from a used car salesman. And wishing for peace from an Arab who literally hates the guts of Jews is courting a death wish.

This is exactly not the right time to enter into dealings with Ishmael!

Shy Guy said...

Reminder for our politicians with a short memory: The treaty of Hudaybiyya

David Shimshon said...

These forsaken ungodly leaders of the nations of the world should be put in their place by a Godly descendant of David that God is with them and would put an abrupt end to their evil plans of nefariousness .

I really have had enough of the injustice , ungodly and wickedness that is going on in this world that I am so seriously asking God to send His Prophet Eliyahu back to have some true accountability in the world
starting with the corrupt knesset devoid of any true direction in Godliness .

I really pray God sends Eliyahu Ha Navi speedily soon in our days , God chooses His annointed ones of The Kohen Gadol and Melech David and The Ark of The Covenant comes out anew and then the whole world can witness to see how

Good it is to Serve The Lord .

Batya said...

Norman, true
Shy, memory or the power of thought?
David, it's not enough for G-d to send Eliyahu Ha Navi, we must obey his message.

Anonymous said...

blessings batya.
My rabbi sent me this early this year when i asked him about the nations of the world and esau and yismael. i was wondering if we non jews will ever change from our wrong ways and return to the 7 noahide laws.

The great Rabbi E. Dessler, in the third volume of his Michtav me-Eliyahu, records a talk he gave in the yeshiva of Ponevezh, in Benei Beraq, shortly before he died, in 1953. In that talk, he describes the western word as characterised by ga'ava -- arrogance, that they believe in the power and wonder of their science and technology, and think that nothing is beyond it. Said Rav dessler, Either Esav will humble himsef, or Yishma'el waits in the wings to humble him; for Yishmael has the same she'ifa di-qdusha, ambition for holiness as his father Avraham had, to bring all the world under the wings of the Shechina, but (because of what the mal'ach told his mother, Hagar) he will try to do it in a wild way.

The Netziv explains that the phrase pere adam, used to describe Yishmael, does not mean "wild man". If it did, then the word pere would folow adam, since in the Holy Language adjectives follow nouns. Rather, it means one who makes men wild. Yishmael spread over many ancient, civilised countries, and made them wild men.
then my rabbi continues below:

So, if the Western world does not humble itself, and does not recognise its Creator, then Yishmael will humble them, and will force them to it.

everything will follow Hashem's Plan. i admit its very difficult to see the present situation and as my rabbis say, we are not Rabbu Nachum Gam Zu whose distinction was his ability to change manifest reality so that it would appear good in actuality- even in the physical sense.

Anonymous said...

The "Christian" groups mentioned, including the ICEJ, and most "Christians" in Israel in general are so way not representative of Christian Zionism! Weird mix of "Christian" types in Israel. I say this b/c nearly all Christian Zionist support, esp in the US, is dispensationalist, and we don't even like those "ministries" referred to in this post! We know most Jews (as well as most gentiles) reject Jesus (just like we did), and our support for Israeli land rights is not based on behavior of Jews or the state of Israel! Re: Shy Guy's treaty warning, many of interpret Daniel 9:27 to refer to a coming Israeli treaty to be made & broken by world leader that NT suggests is promoted by a false interfaith religion, thus we are wary of alliances in christendom as well! - ER

Batya said...

a, I think you commented to the wrong post.