Sunday, August 4, 2013

Israeli Democracy? "90% Oppose the Release of Terrorists"

IMRA has posted results of the latest Smith Poll.  I'm not very interested in the faux Knesset Election results, but I do consider the public's opinion about Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's "gestures" to the Arab terrorists to bribe them to negotiate with us.
Survey by the Smith Institute for "Globes" published on 1 August 2013
(sample size and actual survey date not indicated in either English or
Hebrew write up]
14% Netanyahu wants a deal and can make a deal
40% Netanyahu wants a deal but can't make a deal because of the Palestinians
46% Other replies not published in the article.
90% Oppose the release of terrorists
Nathalie Bardou/AP
The Likud didn't campaign with this sort of platform.  It was Tsipi Livni's.  Tsipi promised to do anything and everything in her power to make some sort of "peace deal," and she only got six out of the one hundred and twenty 120 Knesset seats.  The Likud Beitenu got thirty-one 31, which is more than five times as many.  So why is the State of Israel being ruled by Tsipi Livni?

If Bibi was a truly democratic leader, he's be ruling according to the policies people voted for.  And here's an important clarification by David Bedein.

victims of Arab terror
Israelis do want peace, but we also want to be rich, have large homes etc, and we know we can't always get what we want.  We also know, from vast painful experience that these gestures and "treaties" always make our lives less secure than they had been previously.  Even Netanyahu himself has said it over and over.  But he avoids admitting it when he's in the helm as Prime Minister.  He'll admit it to get votes, but as Prime Minister he out-Lefts the Left in trying to show that he's the epitome of the political "Center."

Just some simple logic:
If the Arabs must be bribed in order to even negotiate, how can they enforce a peace agreement?


Shy Guy said...

Yes, Israel is a democracy but not by public referendum.

Israel is also not a republic. But a democracy it is and a super lousy one.

It's important to understand the differences in terminology.

Some articles:

Batya said...

Shy, the con game is a problem in Israel, when a party runs with a platform and governs with a different one.

rutimizrachi said...

Good question, Batya. Reposted.

Miriam said...

Batya! SUPER BLOG..RIGHT ON! Going to share!


Batya said...

Ruti, Miriam, thanks so much.

NormanF said...

Shy Guy,

You're wrong!

Israel is the perfect dictatorship - what the Mexicans used to describe the PRI period.

There are elections of course but the public has no real say. The government does what it wants.

Israeli public opinion or the lack of it, has never affected the Israeli elite's policies.

Shy Guy said...

Batya and Norman, you are assuming that democracy and dictatorship are diametrically opposed.

This is not so.

Batya said...

Shy and Norman, elected dictatorship?

ebd said...

"Given the Polarization inherited, this is no small achievement." "and yet offered their lives for abstraction"

"A President turned Dictator and Traitor to his oath suspended the Constitution and shut down the Congress that was much like this one before whom I am honored to speak; he detained my husband, along with thousands of others, Senators, Publishers, and anyone who had spoken up"

"He held out in the loneliness of his cell and the frustration of Exile ~ the Democratic Alternative to the insatiable Greed and Mindless Cruelty of the Right and the purging Holocaust of the Left." }MCSCA{

"EEUU saw a nation armed with courage and integrity stand fast" ~ ||Cory||

"They drafted mi to challenge the Dictatorship. And I obliged." ~ "Cory"

"I was not fighting for lawyers, but for the people, in whose intelligence I had implicit faith." {MCSCA}

"When Hashem gave Torah at Mount Sinai, all Nature stopped. It was absolute silence. Everything was abnormal. What's the significance of that and why should the Nations hear this? The Torah is the inner life of everything physical. The inner life of everything is Hashem. The outer reality and inner reality have One Ruler. Hashem had to stop Nature in its tracks, for a moment, so to speak: thunder could be seen, lightning could be heard, their senses were totally disorientated. Ultimately, Nature is a means of Divine expression, but it has no inherent power." ~ Rebbitzen Tzipporah Heller

"Being that we are in the times very close to Mashiah, we are currently not in a natural state." ~ Yeranen Yaakov

"a person or society that transgress laws of nature will be punished by means of nature." ~ Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi Ashlag

"Oh, weird. I'm unexpectedly in Philadelphia."
~ Matthue Roth (@matthue)

ebd said...

@jaredronin @jaredkirby It seems we've polarized.

בְּשֵׁ֥ם פִילִיפ said...

Ronin: You know, there's just a feeling, I think every body has it, by now, that, you know, we're just waiting, I guess, for either for the right leader to come along and may be he's out there and he's not coming out of the wings or may be at the right moment to come along for this leadership to Spring up.
Timor: We just basically need to win it.
Ronin: Force is the only thing that has ever proven itself. Now, the question is, do we have the gumption, do we have the guts, do we have what ever it takes to use this force and, you know, it has to be used, I'm sorry to say, it has to be used in a cruel wei and we have to be ready for cruelty because the Enemy is exceedingly cruel. They've been butchering each other. We're in a very Chaotic Area, so if we're not prepared to use force and, if need be, to use a LOT av force, then, you know, things are not gonna get any better. Things will only get worse. That's how it is; that's how it is. Remember, when it decided that it wanted to win the war against Japan, it did what it had to do. They said, "NO. We're gonna defeat them and they brought it on themselves and what ever happens it's there Fault." You see? And that's how you win a war against a Cruel Enemy Who's Crazy and these Guys are every bit as Crazy as Japan was, so we need to be every bit as 'crazy'"

"Einstein said, God is subtle not malicious, which is very true, the thing is, that when smart subtle people talk, hard stubborn people usually need to learn the hard way that they and they alone are truth!" ~ Wisdom

בְּשֵׁ֥ם פִילִיפ said...

D² av Tzvat: As per the Death Penalty, [Brim]stonings were rare back in the day. What is lost in 4th derivative mistranslations is that Stoning and understanding are very similar. The ORAL Law makes Stoning almost impossible to execute. Furthermore, Mobs are not mandated to carry out death sentences of the Courts. The Judges themselves would be obligated to carry out their own sentences. Besides, most qualified Judges are too old and frail to lift heavy jagged pieces of larger rock and pelt someone with them to death. Basically, what that all means is: clear the stones out of the path between those who trespass and those who are confused. If they persist, however, bombard them with(out) know ledge.

Anonymous said...

"All Western Embassies must flee as soon as possible. Any Ambassador tarrying outside of the West will be executed." ~ Department of State