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At what price will a “Christian Zionist Visitor Center” be established in Har Bracha?

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At what price will a “Christian Zionist Visitor Center” be established in Har Bracha?
In a demonstration of continued collaboration with grape harvesting volunteers Tommy and Sherri Waller and their Hayovel Ministries, "Rabbi Eliezer Melamed has taken an initiative to establish a Christian Zionist Visitor Center on the Mount of Blessing in Samaria", reportedly declaring, “If we say no to these people, we will say no to the Messiah!” 

 The costs of encouraging a Christian attachment to the land of Israel are becoming alarmingly apparent. As these Christian volunteers become increasingly attached to the Land of Israel, their religious fervor has translated into concrete support of missionary activity and increased affiliations with messianic entities in Israel...more

The WJC and the KCAC are joining the ICEJ in their "walk with christ"
The International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem’s annual Feast of the Tabernacles is a christ-centered pilgrimage and worship event intended to inspire and challenge Christians in their "walk with christ". The event frequently features, as speakers, missionaries who have targeted Jews for conversion. Jewishisrael is at a loss as to why the World Jewish Congress and the Knesset Christian and Israel Allies Caucuses have once again announced their participation in ICEJ's Feast...more

Anne Ayalon Promotes Christian Worship Center and Forges Partnerships with Missionaries
Anne Ayalon, founder and president of the Galilean Resort project, and of ICC-Galilee Properties Management Ltd, continues to use Christian television to promote her Christian worship center, discuss jesus, and encourage a Christian attachment to the land of Israel through property acquisition...more

Missionary Mike Evans Launches New Book at Menachem Begin Heritage Center
Pastor Dr. Mike Evans, the celebrated Jewish boy who found christ and went on to convert scores of young Jews to Christianity, recently had yet another book launch at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center...more


Anonymous said...

The problem of messianics and missionaries getting such a foothold in Eretz Yisrael is no less a problem than the physical danger that Israel finds itself in. What a chilul Hashem and to see a 'Rabbi' not only condoning this outrage but encouraging and helping them, is beyond the pale. Rabbi Eliezer Melamed should be admonisted by the whole community and do teshuvah in this month of Elul. (Erev Rav have done their job well!)

Moriah said...

Please tell me what christian zionists in Israel have anything to do with mashiach coming? This turns my stomach. Does money have anything to do with this?

Anonymous said...

What can we do about this? Who can we call or write to?

Batya said...

Ellen, thanks for posting this here. I feel privileged that you include my blog in your information campaign.
Tizki l'mitzvot

Lisa said...

I find it hard to believe that R' Melamed said what he's quoted as saying. But if he did say it, it isn't teshuva he needs to do; it's psychiatric care.

ellen said...

I think the era (error?) of believing that Christian love is "unconditional" may be coming to a close. Even very nice, giving people can have an agenda.

It was extremely unwise to follow a policy of "I'll take all the friends I can get" without asking critical questions or setting up strict guidelines to govern the Israel-evangelical alliance.

So with regards to what we can do…
1) Ask rabbinic leaders to establish clear guidelines and policies so that G-d fearing Jews can conduct themselves properly in their alliances and dealings with devout, evangelical Christians
2) Demand that political leaders establish counter-missionary and other legislation which will uphold the unique status of the Jewish nation, protect the Jewish character of the State of Israel, and ensure Jewish continuity
3) Hold our community leaders and activists accountable and demand that they use a little wisdom and foresight, instead of tripping in prophetic "end days" La La land because some people take a "biblical stand" with Israel.
4) Insist that Israel's tourism industry stop marketing Israel as the "Land of Jesus"
5) Tell the US State Department that Freedom of Religion in the Jewish state does not include the right to proselytize or the obligation to foster a "messianic Jewish" community
6) Become informed of the facts on the ground vis a vis the missionary incursion and ground yourself in basic Torah foundations lest you get confused in these confusing times.
Jewishisrael remains available to give public or private presentations on this issue.

Anonymous said...

>> What can we do about this? Who can we call or write to?

If you're too lazy to do Hebrew Labor, and you're too subdominant to force your teenagers to it..... don't act surprised when the vintners take whatever labor they can get.

The Messianics didn't create the vacuum..... they noticed it, and had the balls to fill it. And the vintners won't accept rabbinical rulings that don't come attached to labor battalions.

No one ever won a country by writing letters or making telephone calls.

If you can't outfox some Notzrim, you SURE ain't gonna stop people who are willing to throw poison gas at their own population.

Every country belongs to whichever Tribe which has the willpower to GRAB it and HOLD it. You don't display any such Alpha personality traits.

Rabbis Daughter said...

It establishes a seat of Idolatry in the land of Israel. So in the end of days it will be pulled down along with those tied to it. Just be careful not to tie yourselves to those who are promised to have the very memory of them erased. How sad to intermarry and have for children the souls of those who seek to destroy Israel by annihilation or conversion. We already know their future. They don't get to be kept to be slaves in the houses of the holy. Hashem has already said, because you cannot fix them. They will never quit with their ceaseless Idolatry. They must be destroyed.