Saturday, August 24, 2013

Big Question: Is it News When it Keeps Repeating Itself?

I'm getting tired of following and writing about the news.  Everything is so deja vu. We've heard it all before, and read about it and seen it ad nauseum.  You'd think the politicians, policy makers, journalists, academics etc. would be as bored as I am.  It's like waiting for a suitcase to come onto the turning thing at the airport.  You watch and watch until you feel like you're turning in circles and the suitcases are standing still.  Yes, the same old suitcases; every one is there, but the one you're waiting for.

For how many years have we been hearing that Iran is developing nuclear weapons?

And how many times and for how long has Israel, especially Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that it's almost too late?

And how many times and for how long have American Presidents promised to do something, threaten, negotiate, investigate...?

And how many times and for how long has Israel offered the Arabs peace, even begged for peace?

And how many "good will gestures" has Israel offered the Arabs for peace?

And how many times and  from how much land have we withdrawn our troops, all in the hope of peace in return?

And how many times has Israel frozen Jewish building in Jerusalem and other parts of the Land of Israel to try to placate the Arabs and foreign countries, just because we want peace?

And how many dangerous, convicted Arab terrorists have been released by Israel to encourage the Arabs to make peace with us?

And how many dangerous, convicted Arab terrorists have been released by Israel in exchange for Israelis and Jews held by Arabs?

And how many dangerous concessions have various Israeli governments and leaders offered the Arabs in an attempt to make peace with them?

And how many times has Israel apologized for things we didn't do, killings we're not guilty of, all so that people would "like" us?

When will the assimon (phone token) drop?  When will Israeli society, its politicians, its media, academics and all accept the reality that there is nothing we can do to encourage the Arabs to "make peace" with us? 

The Arabs will only be satisfied when, G-d forbid, we're destroyed.  They and their supporters will quickly celebrate, try to take over our agriculture and industries.  And then, a short time late, just like what happened in Gaza they'll just destroy it.  Soon there will be a massive brain drain as the more educated Arabs will quickly leave the area for any country that will take them.  And the poorer people will migrate away leaving the HolyLand desolate as it was before the Zionists began developing it.  And then after forty, fifty, a hundred years or more a new wave of idealistic Jews will return in an attempt to reclaim our Land, build a state and then G-d willing the Holy Temple on Har Habayit, the Temple Mount.


goyisherebbe said...

It's not news, it's boring. And it's good that it's boring because otherwise it would be scary. But the preferred scenario is not going to happen because the Islamic world is several leagues below us.

Batya said...

goyish, we should never get overconfident.