Friday, August 2, 2013

Bibi's Actions Contradict His Excellent Words

Bibi at Bloggers Convention
For years I've said that the best speech/lecture/statement about Jewish History and Jewish connection to the Land of Israel was by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a number of years ago at the first (of only two) International Jewish Bloggers Convention.  I've also said many times that the Likud is a more Right wing and pro-Jewish Rights in the Land of Israel party when it's in the opposition.  Push a man like Bibi to the wall, and he'll come out with brilliant statements, but make him Prime Minister and you get a younger Shimon Peres.

The media (at least my email inbox) is now full of links to Netanyahu's latest quip at the Knesset.  Hat tip: Israel Hayom and Algemeiner.

As described in Algemeiner:
...Arab Israeli MK Jamal Zahalka (Balad) declared that Israeli Jews are an “enemy of peace.”
Zahalka made the comments during a debate on a referendum bill aimed to ensure Israelis will have a right to vote on any final status agreement with the Palestinian Authority. Zahalka said that the bill was irrelevant because it referred to “occupied territory, and as such, what applies is international law; the referendum should apply to the nations of the world.”
The comment was jeered at by MKs in the Knesset, to which Zahalka responded: “You’re an enemy of peace. We were here before you, and we’ll be here after you.”
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was present at the debate, but had not planned to speak, shot back, “The first part is wrong – and the second part will not happen.”
Israel Hayom's version:
Arab MK rejects Jews' claim on the land in late-night Knesset debate: "We were here before you; we will be here after you" • This prompts the prime minister to deliver a rebuttal: "The first part is not true and the second will never take place."

But the sad, ironic truth is that Netanyahu's policies, especially the referendum bill and participation in the Obama pushed "peace" sic talks just add a strong dose of truth to  Zahalka's statement.

There's a long list of extinct groups and peoples who/that were once enemies of the Jewish People.  Only we have survived all of these millennia, centuries and decades.  Less than a hundred years ago it looked like the Nazis would destroy the Jewish People.  Hitler began with Germany and caused the death of six million Jews before being defeated by the Allied Forces.

Netanyahu's "two state policy" support is strengthening our recent Arab aka Palestinian sic enemies and delaying their destruction.  Left to their own devices, our modern enemies would have been destroyed, history, before the twenty-first century.  Their defeat, our miraculous victories in 1967 and 1973 should have done the trick, but instead of our behaving at victors, we looked to our enemies for "peace."

We actually had peace in June, 1967, once the Arab enemies, the Syrians, Jordanians and Egyptians surrendered.  Unfortunately the Israeli Government of the time didn't recognize it.  The same mistake happened after the 1973 Yom Kippur War.  We have been suffering war, terrorism and all sorts of attacks because we, the State of Israel and Jewish People all over have been following the laws of man instead of the Laws of G-d.

In the long run, who knows when... Maybe in another few centuries G-d will give us another chance if we goof up this one.  Eventually we will outlive, out-survive our present enemies, but Israeli policies, yes those of Binyamin Netanyahu, are strengthening our enemies who have sworn to destroy us, G-d forbid.


Anonymous said...

blessed shabbat to you. i talk often to my two noahide sons as to why the mosiach still has not come. my second son sent me this.
"A very poignant statement made by Rabbi Aryeh Leib, the "Grandfather of Shpoli."
He said to the Almighty: "Master of the Universe! The sages of the Talmud pleaded before You to bring Moshiach. You chose not to do so. The holy Ari begged You to bring Moshiach - again You were unwilling. We have reached the point where it is left to someone of my ilk to ask for the Redeemer. Still You are holding out.

"Mark my words. There will come a generation who will have no interest in You or Your Moshiach. Then You will have no choice but to bring Him...."

i truly pray before a situation as the above stated happens, where people will have no interest in Hashem or His mosiach.

i may be wrong batya. but i humbly feel this peace talk will never go through. Hashem has always made the jewish people's enemies fight among themselves and split. it will happen again. dont worry. if you took a look at whats happening to us gentile nations, you will realise we are falling apart, yisml, esau and all.
Koheles 3:15
Hashem protects the pursued. and so it will be now. The month of joy, Elul is coming and much joy and happiness, everlasting to the jewish people.
elul are the initial letters of Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li. I am my beloved's and my Beloved is mine.
again, have a wonderful shabbt.

shimona from the palace said...

We've had "peace talks" before and nothing ever came of them. If the "Palestinians" run true to form, nothing will come of them this time either.

NormanF said...

I wouldn't worry too much about it.

If the Arabs ever do moderate, its time to start worrying!

As long as they remain extreme, gonifs like Benjamin Netanyahu can't do much damage and one day Israel will be blessed with the leaders it truly deserves.

All the pretty speeches in the world though don't change the fact that Jewish weakness doesn't make the Arabs like Israel more. Arab hatred of the Jews is a fact of life, just like the weather.

Its beyond even the control of Benjamin Netanyahu and his sidekick in Washington, Tzipi Livni.

Batya said...

10, shimona, Norman,
What worries me the most is that I seem to be the only none not worrying. I can't count on the foolishness of our enemies to save us from ourselves.

Jesterhead45 said...

I agree, it really gets tiresome seeing Bibi fold as easily as a deckchair in the face of both domestic and foreign pressure.

Batya said...

Jes' I'd say he's about as sturdy as a house of cards.

Aurora Aronsson said...

After 17 years of deceptions and Jewish kids left to be killed by terrorists, someone stll believes in the words of Zig-Zag Shakranyahu?

Batya said...

Anonymous Aurora, Bibi's words are just words, like those of an actor.