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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The United Nations, United Against Israel

Israelis like to celebrate November 29 as a pre-Independence Day holiday, because that was the day when the newly established United Nations voted to approve a Jewish State.  I don't consider that act to be all that worthy of our celebration for a couple of reasons. 

  • One is that even though a majority of the members of the time did vote to approve a Jewish State, none of them was willing to do anything at all to ensure that the Jewish State would actually exist or survive the onslaught of Arab armies and terrorists which tried to destroy it.

  • The second reason is that we did and do not need the approval of international bodies for our legitimacy, our existence. We owe our survival and existence to G-d and only G-d.  Our victories go against all logic and rules of warfare.
These two points must be remembered.

Very soon after the establishment of the State of Israel, the United Nations quickly established an organization to fully support those Arabs who claimed to be refugees, displaced by the State of Israel, UNRWA.  Unlike all other refugee support groups, this one has made it its aim to perpetuate the refugee status and privileges of the people housed in their camps.  All other refugee support groups aim to get the refugees settled in new productive lives in new homes and locations.  So it's very, very, very clear that the United Nations, contrary to that November 29th vote is really out to sabotage the State of Israel.

There's an interesting article in the Jerusalem Post (hat tip: David Bedein's Israel Behind the News) that tells us which countries have been supporting UNRWA recently.
The United Nations Relief and Work Agency is the only UN refugee agency dedicated to a single group of people. It is the only agency that designates individuals as original refugees if they lived in the area for a minimum of two years, that acknowledges the descendants of original refugees as refugees as well, and the only one that actively encourages its clients to act on their “right of return.”

Since WWII, 50 million people have been displaced by armed conflict.

The Palestinian people are the only ones in history to receive this special treatment.
Palestinian kids sit at UNRWA school Photo: REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

No doubt this is based on an obvious anti-Israel bias. They are counting on Israel to be destroyed, G-d forbid.  I honestly don't understand why Israel continues membership in the United Nations, an international organization that is doing all it can to undermine and destroy the State of Israel.


Shy Guy said...

Stupid Jews, yes we are, yes we are!

Batya said...

sadly I agree, Shy...

Anonymous said...

G-d bless israel. what the non jews have and are doing to the j people is very heartbreaking. however, the last word i would use on any j is 'stupid'. you are a very magnanimous people. filled with Fear and Love of Hashem. Hence, you survive thro the worst progroms which no other people would. and you have earned a place in Hashem's Heart which no other nation has.
your holy scriptures,prophets and sages have frequently described israel as a lamb among 70 wolves and thats exactly the situation. since its taught that Hashem made everything in opposites, the opposite of the jewish people are us, the 70 nations. i have studied that its said, the world and the nations of the world were created for israel's sake. just as we noahides are realising the truth and the importance of the jewish people and the Temple, G-d willng many will join us and then perhaps we wont be the 70 wolves any more once we follow the 7 laws. perhaps our presence is what is needed to strengthen you all spiritually, i.e. not to be like us.
one of my rabbis wrote this.
""Drawing close to God is never about a journey towards God. Drawing close to God is actually a journey away from everything that blocks our vision from seeing that God is already here.""
the UN and others are just temporary thorns at your sides. they wont last.

Batya said...

10, it's very frustrating to witness the repetition of ridiculous mistakes.

binn maniacs said...

"With a total of 644,701,999, the US, EU, UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, and Japan pay 71 percent of the UNRWA." ||Yerushalayim, Yisra'el||

"Always remember, those who hurt you, are maniacs!" ~ KabbalahWisdom

Anonymous said...

Do believe that the UN exists solely for the purpose of trying to destroy Israel. The state of Israel has no place being a part of that vicious institution. They are a representation of the 70 wolves that want to devour the lamb, but we have H' and He is watching over us. We know the end of the story & it's all spelled out in the Tanach.

Batya said...

I see that we agree. Too bad the gov't doesn't.