Monday, November 7, 2011

The Rich Strike and The Poor Suffer

In all honesty, I wish I had the sort of salary and work conditions those striking Histadrut workers have.  If I was to threaten a strike, I'd be fired.  There are enough desperate people to take jobs at the salary I get, so there are always replacements.

I think that Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's words are just too mild:
"I now appeal to the leaders of the Histadrut and call on them to cancel the planned strike. I believe that it is possible to find a just and responsible solution to the question of contract workers. Just – because we are all aware of the genuine plight of the contract workers. Responsible – because we must bring a solution that will not harm the Israeli economy, at a time that we are witnessing the upheaval of world markets.

I believe that there is no need to disrupt Israelis' lives or to cause heavy damage to the Israeli economy. My Government and the Histadrut see eye-to-eye on the good of Israel's workers. This is not mere talk. We can attest to the many steps that we have carried out – Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and Histadrut Chairman Ofer Eini, with my backing – in order to improve workers' salaries. I think that, given the major upheaval in the European economy, the Israeli economy is continuing to grow thanks to our responsible and sagacious conduct, and we must not endanger what we have achieved only with great effort. Therefore, we must resolve the problem, we want to resolve the problem, we can resolve the problem, but in a responsible, cooperative way. There is no need for a strike."
The powerful Israeli Histadrut union doesn't care about the ordinary worker like myself.  There is absolutely no justification for a general strike.  It's all part of the anti-government Korach faux social justice activities that has been going on in Israel since the summer.

The campers protesters were generously funded by individuals/groups supporting those against Bibi and the Likud.  It's all part of the "next" election campaign.  I have no doubt at all. 

This was clearly a high-budget operation, and it's not over yet.  They control the media; their "entertainment rallies" have been substituted for scheduled programs.  And the participation numbers have been outrageously inflated

Israel's economy is one of the healthiest in the Western World, but that fact doesn't faze the extreme Left anti-government forces.

This morning, while Israel's public transportation strikes for the Histadrut, the car-owners will complain about the traffic and the less affluent will be stuck, losing salary.  That's the Histadrut.  They take care of "their own" and spit on those who really need help.


Keliata said...

The Social Justice movement there sounds a lot like the whole Occupy Wall Street mov't--without the violence we're seeing.

I pray to G-d that this whol OWS thing stop, because it is becoming increasingly anti-Semitic (not the case in Israel, though).

rickismom said...

I remember years ago when there was a general strike walking 2 hours to reach the hospital I was working at by 7 AM. I thought about how would an egged driver feel if his sick mother had no nurse that day. General strikes injure the economy and make life very difficult. There needs to be a better way....

Batya said...

Keli, they do seem to be much too similar. No doubt that there are international "instigators" trying to stir things up where there shouldn't be or where there's no reason. America is a more physically violent place than Israel. That's why there's more violence in the Wall Street group.

Rickismom, I can believe that. The Histadrut members haven't a clue, and the workers almost always get paid for striking. It wouldn't occur to them that they are endangering their family and selves.

Keliata said...

Watch this video to see how anti-Semitic the Occupiers of Wall Street are demonstrating. Pay attention in particular to the comments made to a Jewish man. I can't tell what language he's speaking but the comments about Israel surprised me.

Top Americans give their support of the OWS. The video is from Emergency Commt for Israel

Batya said...

I couldn't hear what the man said. I love the "Go back to Israel." That's an improvement.

The the message is dumb. Obama's backed by the same people no doubt. He's one of that Wall St crowd. If you don't want that type in the White House then get a winnable Republican and work for the campaign.