Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free Ride, Soon to End, Jerusalem Trolley Fare Warning

Yes, there's just one more week left to enjoy the free train rides in Jerusalem.  The screens at the station were playing the reminder/announcement today, and I guess they'll be playing the same tune for another week.

I'm one of those who has been enjoying my free rides, and yes, I do plan on continuing to take the train when it suits my itinerary and time schedule.  I was on the train again, today, twice even.

I'm among those in suspense concerning the bus route changes in Jerusalem.  We've been warned that areas serviced by the Jerusalem Lightrail won't get bus service on parallel or the same streets.  I wonder how that will work.  I also haven't filled my RavKav card with money.  On December 1st I'll need it "live;" at present it's "dead."

Changes like these are frightening, confusing and disorienting.  OK, yes, we can't expect things to stay the same forever, and they shouldn't stay the same forever.  But it would be nice to have some notice about exactly what the new bus routes will be.  Not everyone has the time and talents to relearn such vital information.

I think that many people will be happy to continue traveling by train, even if it costs money.  This morning, just after 7am I was very lucky to catch an empty train that went straight from the depot to the French Hill/Givat HaMivtar stop.  Usually at that time, the train if full (mostly of Arabs) by the time it gets there.

No doubt that I'll be among those screaming and complaining that the new routes are ridiculous, illogical, time-wasting etc.  But I'll have no choice other than to get used to them. That's human nature.

Here's the message on "video."

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