Saturday, November 5, 2011

Latma, The Right Way of Looking At Israel News Politics and History

Caroline Glick's Latma program for this week is the best so far.  The featured song, "The Ballad of Oslo's Children" is worth listening to.  I think the English translation is missing some of the punch of the original Hebrew.  I wonder if they're planning on singing it in English.  The refrain, "You promised us a dove..." is very haunting. 

The Oslo Agreement, which was done/negotiated illegally by extreme Leftist Israelis, obligated the government to many dangerous policies.  It was in September, 1993.  The "children of Oslo" are those born in the year 1993.  They are now eighteen years old and entering the IDF, Israeli army.  Many of them have personally suffered from the security problems, or lack of security, caused by that Oslo Agreement. Many live in cities that suffer barrages of missiles launched by the Arab terrorists from Gaza.  Some were forcefully removed from their homes in the name of Disengagement.  Some have been wounded in terror attacks.  Some mourn the loss and serious injury of family and friends.  And some are no longer alive; they were murdered by terrorists. 

The security situation in Israel has gotten much worse since Oslo.  It empowered the Arab terrorists. It gave them guns and confidence.

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