Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Israel, Such "Friends"

Many Israelis have trouble accepting that we're rather isolated when it comes to the world.  For no good reason it seems, all of our efforts to be accepted by other countries and international bodies have led to failure.

Menachem Begin's "peace" sic treaty with Egypt is always touted as a great success, although "friendly" is a poor and inaccurate adjective to describe Israel's relations with Egypt.  Now with the "new regime," it is even worse.  The Israeli Embassy was brutally attacked on September ninth.  Close to a hundred rioters were arrested, tried and given suspended sentenceshat tip: IMRA

The United Nations is continuing is steady progression to full recognition of the Pseudostinians aka Palestinian sic State with UNESCO's accepting them as a member state of the organization.  

Of course, there's an even more serious problem in that the Israel has accepted, in principle, the right of a Pseudostinian aka "Palestinian" sic State to exist.

And here's HonestReporting's article listing the various reactions of the international media to Israel's attempts to defend itself from the Arab terror rocket attacks from Gaza.  Click here to read it.
The State of Israel and the Jewish People worry too much about what other people think and say and do.  The only being we need to be concerned about is G-d.  We must obey G-d's laws.  We are safest and strongest when we don't try to be liked by others:
ט כִּי-מֵרֹאשׁ צֻרִים אֶרְאֶנּוּ, וּמִגְּבָעוֹת אֲשׁוּרֶנּוּ: הֶן-עָם לְבָדָד יִשְׁכֹּן, וּבַגּוֹיִם לֹא יִתְחַשָּׁב. 9 For from the top of the rocks I see him, and from the hills I behold him: lo, it is a people that shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations. (Numbers Chapter 23 בְּמִדְבַּר)


Netivotgirl said...

Batya, I want to see UNESCO attempt to function without the finances that the USA usally supplies! 'Am L'vado Yishkon' is, was and always will be us!

Batya said...

I remember complaints about disproportionate US support decades ago, but nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

"Hashem Oz l'Amo yiten.
Hashem yevareich et Amo BaShalo'm".

Please be assured that our thoughts and heart are with you and that we are praying daily for your=our welfare.

THAT is a PROMISE from HIM...

Shalom u'veracha!

Batya said...