Friday, November 25, 2011

Hasn't The Time Come to Leave The UN?

The United Nations was never really an example of morality.  It has always been a monstrous money-wasting hypocritical and dangerous organization.  Its powerful bodies, like UNESCO, are filled with countries in which human and religious rights are unknown. like Syria.  And Libya is on the UN Human Rights Council.

Yes, all/most of its member nations are united, but they're united against Israel, not united to promote international justice and morality.

And please don't tell me that Israel should be grateful for the November 29, 1947 vote in the United Nations.  At the time, the United Nations was only two years (and one month) old, having been ratified in October 24, 1945.  It had no power.  It did nothing to support the State of Israel.  Basically, the Zionists were told they could make a state without being condemned by other countries.  Most of the countries that voted for the establishment of a Jewish State expected the Arab countries to defeat Israel.  So, by voting "yes," they made themselves "look good" but that was it.  They could then blame the Zionists for not being prepared and strong and viable enough to survive.

The truth is that Israel had no allies, just a worthless, powerless United Nations vote.

The proof was that in the spring of 1967, when Egypt's Nasser demanded that United Nations peace-keeping forces withdraw so Egypt could invade/destroy Israel, the UN quickly complied.

In 1967, no country came in as allies for Israel when it was clear that the Arabs planned our destruction.  Thank G-d, the most powerful ally, G-d Himself, gave us victory over Egypt, Jordan and Syria and facilitated the liberation of Judea, Samaria, the Golan, Jordan Valley and Sinai.  There's no need for the State of Israel to support an organization that doesn't support our existence.  All they do is condemn us. Let's behave like the proud nation we should be.


Anonymous said...

Ahmen ve'ahmen!

Batya said...

Worshipping the UN is worshipping idols.

Anonymous said...


It's idle worship.


MAOZ said...

Roger that! to every word of this post, and to Shy Guy's comment, Batya's reply, and Shy Guy's response!

Keliata said...

the best way to deal with a toxic erelationship is to end it.

remaing in such a relationship can cause permanent damage. time for israel to walk out and not look back.

Keliata said...

oops, i meant relationship

Batya said...

keli, that's for sure.