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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Every Qassam Counts! Arabs are Attacking Israel

Don't think I'm exaggerating.  There is a war going on, a very one-sided war.  The Arabs are attacking Israel, and Israel responds with disproportionate weakness.

Check QassamCount to keep track of the attacks on Israel:
QassamCount lets people know about every Rocket (whether it is a Katyusha, Grad, Qassam, or RPG) fired at Israel. Many media outlets do not report on these attacks so it's up to us to provide you with the facts - and up to you to report them to the world.

It's pretty obvious that the world doesn't care, but "Israel Ambassador Leshno Yaar wrote to the High Commissioner regarding the escalation of Palestinian terrorist attacks targeting innocent Israeli civilians." MFA

The recent Arab attacks have been targetting Ashkelon, one of Israel's important coastal cities.

Despite the publicity, the Iron Dome does not provide reliable protection.
  • It does not stop the Arabs from attacking
  • It doesn't stop every qassam, missile etc
  • There aren't enough iron domes, so the military must keep guessing which cities the Arab terrorists plan to target and station them in the vicinity.
And even when the IDF retaliates, it's not enough to destroy our enemies, just to shut them up for a short time.  We must get our heads out of the sand and do something effective to be victorious.  We must be victorious to survive.


Anonymous said...

If your leaders will not protect you all, woe to them. Hashem will wait and then act. as Mordechai told ester, if she does not act, help will come from another source, but she wont escape. please dont worry. i know its easier said than done. remember you are a jew and not a gentile. you know more than us how much Hashem loves you. and when people who are meant to protect you all fail, Hashem steps in.

Keliata said...

Shame on my memory when reading the Tanach but there is something about a Jew who studies Torah during the night and fights in battles during the day (or the other way around).

The key to fighting evil involves both emunah and whatever the Hebrew word for battle is.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is a religious war and Israel must fight it as such.

Same with the US.

(Where is Shy? He'd know what part of the Tanach I'm looking for).

I wish I could do more to help:( I will pray and I will continue to send emails to Bibi.)

Batya said...

a, G-d provides "matching funds." If we don't do our part, no promise G-d will just step in.

keli, we all have our job to do, thanks

Shy Guy said...

Keli, Yehoshua 5:13-15?