Thursday, November 3, 2011

Build to Live, Israel Must Keep Building Homes and Schools for Jews All Over

We've already celebrating thirty, yes, 30 years in Shiloh.  And for all of those thirty years we've heard rumors and worse about our being, G-d forbid, thrown out of our homes.  well, thirty years is a very long time.  Consider that the State of Israel has been in existence for only sixty-three (63) years, and the 1967 Six Days War was forty-four (44) years ago, meaning that the State of (green line) Israel was sans Judea, Samaria, Jordan Valley and the Golan for only nineteen (19) years...

I hope that puts things in proper proportion in your mind.  And also, please don't forget that Jewish History is thousands of years long.  In Biblical times, Shiloh was the religious and administrative capital of the Jewish People for 369 years, which makes all the modern history look rather minor.  So as a realist, pragmatist, I just can't worship all that "green line" stuff about Israel's rights only to pre-1967 borders.

All those foreign leaders, media and Israeli Leftist Appease aka Peace Now mentalities that are hung-up trying to support a pin prick in world history have really blinded themselves to reality.  There's nothing rational, logical nor historically accurate in their ideology.

In all the history of the world there never was a "Palestinian" people nor state.  The idea was invented by antisemites to block the establishment of a viable Jewish State.  The same goes for the Hashemite "Kingdom of Jordan."

That little prologue is to remind one and all that the State of Israel has a right and obligation to build/approve and public and commercial institutions homes for its citizens all over the country, from Eilat to the Golan, from the Mediterranean coast to the Jordan River.  We must stop paying attention to international complaints and just do what is good for the State of Israel and the Jewish People.

Our survival is due to the goodness of G-d, not the help and support of any humans.


Anonymous said...

while i dont go for your idealism or pragmatism history lessons, or whatever you want to call it, i do support building in israel [i mean, why not?]. i love seeing all the building going on in israel. jews building in a jewish land. what can be wrong?

Batya said...

a, at least our bottom line is the same. Jews must build homes for Jews in the Land of Israel.