Monday, November 28, 2011

Building in The Land of Israel, If Not in Shiloh, Then Never in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the Israel Leftist Capitol of the State of Israel.  Especially the Israeli radical extremist Left choke over the fact that Ben Gurion chose traditional Biblical Jerusalem over the Modern Zionist invention, Tel Aviv.

Factually, actually today's Israeli radical extreme loony Leftists still refuse to believe that the true "parents" of their beloved Tel Aviv are Shiloh, Hebron and Jerusalem.  Three parents may seem a bit much, but we're talking history, not biology.  The modern State of Israel is descended from the Bible, and the Jewish Nation had its first capital in Shiloh.  After that for seven years, King David ruled from Hebron and after that he brought his government/monarchy to Jerusalem.  These three cities give the modern state legitimacy.  Three is an important number for stability.  Commentary Magazine has an interesting article about the Israeli Left, worth reading.

Appease aka Peace sic Now is upset that the Israeli Government has approved building homes for Jews in Shiloh.  These building plots were actually allocated for building a very long time ago, but actual building is recent. 

I see things rather simply, and from now on I think that our response to anybody who denies our Jewish right to be/live in places like Shiloh should be:

"So you believe in apartheid.  You believe in discriminating against Jews.  That's what you're promoting by banning Jews from living here.  You're a racist."

That's the truth.  All those Leftists, Liberals with a capital "L" are just racists and must be confronted with the plain and honest truth.

Here are a few pictures of some recent building here in Shiloh.  Enjoy!


Miriam said...

Baruch Hashem! Build, build, build. Build up all of Yesha. Build homes, schools, shuls, playgrounds everything families need to bring up their children.

My daughter lives in Gush Etzion and they are building like crazy.

Arab lovers [leftist] can go and live in Gaza and Ramallah and see how much they love you!


Anonymous said...

i agree with miriams building sentiments, if not with the shiloh=tel aviv idea.

Hadassa said...

Ben Gurion himself said that our only claim to Israel is through the Bible. (Please don't get started on how Ben Gurion wasn't religious and didn't take most of the Bible seriously.) Ben Gurion also said that if the Knesset passed a law requiring Sabbath observance according to Jewish law he would keep Shabbat. Does anyone else notice how problematic the birth of the State of Israel was? Is it any wonder that the left-wing is full of so many contradictions and so much hypocrisy?

Batya said...

Miriam, Hadassa, no surprise. Hadassa, Ben-gurion and other original-early zionists distinguished between Bible-Land and Torah-mitzvot. But without the anchor of the Torah-mitzvot, their descendants seem to have lost the connection to the Land. that brings me to "a," who just doesn't get it.

Dylanarman said...

Has anyone else noticed how difficult birth of the State of Israel? Is it any wonder that so many left-wing is full of contradictions and hypocrisy of so many?

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