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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do "Katyushas Explode" All By Themselves?

One of my major "pet peeves" is inaccurate, watered down, wimpy headlines like this one:

Now, do katyushas appear and explode spontaneously, independent of human handling?

Honestly, think about it.  This headline certainly gives the impression that all of a sudden some "katyusha rockets" mysteriously, magically were found to be exploding in Northern Israel.  Do they suddenly show up like mold on the basement wall?

How did those katyusha rockets end up in the western Galilee?  The subtitle "summary" in the Ynet news article states:
IDF confirms at least three Katyusha rockets explode in Western Galilee, search area for forth rocket; no injuries reported, but several structures sustain damage. IDF forces respond with artillery fire on Lebanon

I guess that means that somebody in Lebanon must have launched the missiles/weapons at Israel. Otherwise the IDF wouldn't have fired on Lebanon. A much more accurate title/headline would state that Lebanon fired katyushot at the western Galilee, IsraelQassamCount's report is no better, since its source is the same ynet article.


Hadassa said...

It's similar to the "cycle of violence" that revolves independently, without any human interference.

Batya said...

Hadassa, I find "cycle of violence" problematic more because it equates our pitiful/pathetic self dense with Arab terrorism.

Hadassa said...

True. I also started to think about a bus stolen by an Arab terrorist who drove it into a crowd of people and then proceeded on to another crowd of people. One of the journalists who covered the item repeatedly wrote, "The bus [did this]", "The bus [did that]", completely oblivious to the fact that the bus had a human driver controlling it.

Batya said...

Exactly! I've posted numerous times of my objections to the use of "passive" in headlines and statements, too. It weakens the report of the event.