Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Freedom Riders?" I'd Like to Ride Free From Arab Terrorism

Not for the first time, international Leftist agitators are making life Hell for innocent Israeli civilians.  Today, mid-afternoon, on my way home to Shiloh from Jerusalem I noticed some disturbances at the machsom military exit from Jerusalem.  I could see professional photographers and bits of a sign or two in Arabic.  Somehow I managed to get my camera out and shoot a couple of imperfect photos.  My photos obviously weren't staged.

When I saw this, I figured that the Extreme Leftist Machsom Watch had attacked with their disturbers of the peace, but apparently I had been wrong about it.  It had been the faux Freedom sic Riders.

Obviously, logically, if they were really in favor of true freedom, freedom from terrorism, they'd include our (Jewish) freedom in their demands.  Those Leftists don't care.  They keep looking for excuses to attack Jews and Israel in any way they possibly can.

All these extreme Leftists actually accomplished, besides their photo ops and publicity, was to cause a major traffic jam for Jews and Arabs on the road to Jerusalem. 

Both Jews and Arabs travel our roads.  Many of the Arabs live and work in Israel.  But since when do logic and facts influence those extreme Leftist anti-Israeli agitators?


Sharon A said...

The AP version of the story which is very negative has taken off, it is being Tweeted around the world and picked up by everyone. Once again the MSM has found a good ride at Israel's expense.

Batya said...

Sharon, so tweet mine and the others, please. that's why we blog, to balance the media

Anonymous said...

sigh. yes.
altho jews dont really have to stop at the checkpoints while arabs are checked thoroughly.

Batya said...

We're stopped, and even killed like Rabbi Dan Merzbach. We are forbidden to travel some raods, because Arabs attack and murder Jews on them. Those terrorists have to be kept out.
Most roads are full of Arabs and a few JEws. Arabs have lots of freedom and missuse it. That's why they're not allowed to wander freely. When the "ordinary Arab people" make terrorism unwelcome, there will be peace and no need for checkpoints.

Avi said...

Great post Batya. I made a video specifically on this issue highlighting the hypocrisy of the "freedom of movement" issue. Feel free to share with others: http://www.israelvideonetwork.com/ist-12-who-really-has-freedom-of-movement-in-israel

Batya said...

Thanks, Avi