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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hopelessy Hateful, Don't Value Life, Can't "Peace" With Them

You can only make peace with those who value human life.  Societies and cultures that worship "martyrs" for their deaths including "suicide bombers/terrorists" will never honor peace treaties, no matter what they sign to. 

Again, Dry Bones pictures it perfectly:

We're playing with the future of the world, with human life.  That's something the looney Leftists refuse to recognize.  They're infatuated with the Arabs and totally ignore the true situation.  There's more human rights discrimination within Arab society than any security restrictions Israel puts on the Arabs. 

Remember, we're still "counting qassams."  The Arab terrorists in Gaza are still attacking Israel with missiles.  Israelis are being killed and injured by the Arabs, and property destroyed or damaged by their attacks. 

If those extreme Leftists were really in favor of peace, freedom, religious and civil rights, they'd be protesting against the Arabs, not against Israel and Jews!

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