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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Will I Ever Ride the Lightrail?

They're talking about more delays to the start of Jerusalem's lightrail.  So far, it's just a heavy thud, even falling off the tracks.  Various journalists have been given free rides in exchange for the publicity, but they haven't invited this blogger yet.

When I peek into the moving sans passenger trains I can see that they still have plastic protecting the seats.  That's to preserve the fiction that the cars are new.  At this point they aren't.  The "powers" want to keep the seats clean to impress the first official passengers, no doubt.

Many experts are convinced that the lightrail was the wrong solution to Jerusalem's transportation problems.  Most crucial is the safety issue.  Along part of the route the roads are too narrow to accommodate emergency lanes.  So, in simple words, police, fire trucks and ambulances have problems helping people, because they can't go on those roads.  The pictures above are from the section of Jaffa Street that does have  a lane for cars.  Fire trucks crossing the tracks must take special care that they don't let their ladders hit the high voltage wires which control the trains.

No doubt various Jerusalem office holders were blinded by the smooth talk of the "train promoting lobby."


YMedad said...

tonight Channel One TV had a report that the crossing are unsuitable to the standards fro ther blind. not sound warnings nor any sidewalk marks. there will be a delay until matters fit Transportation Ministry regulations.

Batya said...

Remember that Menya said that she can't hear the whistle. It's much too low.