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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

As The American Presidential Election Campaign Heats Up...

It's important for American Jews to make it clear that they see through Barack Hussein Obama's words and delete/stop all support for him.

Not only Jews should look at the pattern of actions and policy statements, but all of those who really care about American security and world peace.

There's a real difference between formal "speeches" to special interest groups and policy statements.

The "formal speeches" are carefully crafted to get maximum applause and make the speaker, like United States President Barack Hussein Obama appear to care about the audience's interests.  They are not policy.

Obama's "pro-Israel" words show no more love than an abuser trying to calm down his victim after beating him/her up.

Obama's policy is to reduce Israel to indefensible borders and strengthen Arab terrorists.  That's it short and simple.  He identifies with the Arabs, especially the Pseudostinians aka Palestinians sic.  His hissy fits when Israel does what is accepted in any normal country, like building in its Capital City, is "chutzpah" and worse.  His "land exchange based on May, 1967," borders is outrageous and shows a total ignorance of history and international law.

Granted that the percentage of Jews in the American population is very, very small, but there's no reason to support an enemy.


Anonymous said...

Stupid Jews

Batya said...

That's for sure!

Daniel said...

HistoriNs will look back at American Jewry with contempt ( at least the pre Holocaust segment.).
they came, they intermarried, they assimilated and ignored their brethren.
Outside the Ortho minority and the ever shrinking non Ortho but strongly Zionist minority, Americas Jews would sell out Israel as fast as their grandparents sold out Eastern Europes Jews 60 years earlier.

Batya said...

very true, but let's pray and work hard to prevent the disaster.

Robertcw72 said...

Hate to say it but I would estimate the Jews will vote near 70-75% for Obama. They are liberals first - Jews second. :(

Batya said...

Not "liberals," Liberals.