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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Hunt Continues by Adina Kutnicki

by Adina Kutnicki

Under extreme pressure from the left wing media, Israeli police continue to arrest Jewish nationalists with little or no evidence. Even though most charges are eventually dropped, the detainees face difficult conditions in prison cells and interrogation rooms.

Recent cases highlight this travesty. Over the last two weeks, four young women, including two minors, were arrested on suspicion of setting fire to an Arab’s vehicle in Hevron. The police admitted in court their evidence was weak. As a result the women were released without charges. The case against the minors has not been concluded.

100 police raid Yitzhar in the early morning

On June 13, about 100 police raided the town of Yitzhar in the Shomron region to arrest four residents for incitement. Four computers were confiscated including two belonging to Honenu. for complete article click

Check out Honenu, because Honenu defends Jews!


in the vanguard said...

Are these police Jewish? Can no one track down a flier distributed to these police before they go out on their "project", like how to behave, what to avoid, etc, that "prepares" them in advance of their departure? How can people do this to their fellow-citizenry over and over again? Who are these that have such cold hearts? What are the demographics of these perpetrators?

Batya said...

In general they're Jewish, but not all come from traditional homes. Quite a few Israeli soldiers and police aren't Jewish. Either they are Druse, or some are non-Jewish immigrants from families with Jewish roots.

Uri DeYoung said...

The Druse are a mixed lot. Some of them are more openly right-wing and pro-Israel than all but the most hard core of the Jewish right-wing. Some of them side with the Arabs.

Batya said...