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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Latma Classic About the Iranian Threat

Caroline Glick announced that even Latma must take a vacation, so she posted their classic song about the Iranian Bomb.

Here's some of Glick's latest article. No surprise that she chose the Iran Bomb Song from Latma.
AMAZINGLY, WHILE all of these developments are alarming, and while all of them have justifiably dominated much of the coverage of the Middle East in recent weeks and months, the fact is that all of them pale in comparison to what is happening in Iran. And this story is receiving only scant and generally superficial attention from the international media and the major governments of the Western world.

Monday, The Wall Street Journal editorialists summarized the major developments on this front. First, last week the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency released previously classified sections of its latest report on Iran. The report says that in the last six months, Tehran enriched 970 kilos of uranium to reactor-grade levels, bringing its publicly known stockpile of low enriched uranium to 4,105 kilos.

Iran also has enriched 56.7 kilos of uranium to the 20% level, from which it is a relatively simple matter to increase enrichment levels to the 90% needed to make a nuclear bomb.

Iran has also installed upgraded centrifuges in its until recently secret enrichment facility at Qom.

Rand Corporation scholar Gregory S. Jones wrote this month that Iran has reached nuclear breakout capacity. In his words, "Iran can now produce a weapons's worth (20 kilograms) of HEU [weapons-grade uranium] any time it wishes. With Iran's current number of operating centrifuges, the batch recycling process would take about two months."

Apparently owing to their certainty that Iran is an unstoppable nuclear power, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards took their guard down in a recent issue of their in-house journal. The magazine published an article describing the day after Iran performs a nuclear test.

And the beat goes on. Yesterday, Iran successfully launched a second spy satellite into space.

The launch indicates that Iran is acquiring greater prowess in developing intercontinental ballistic missile capabilities. Such capabilities along with Iran's nuclear program and global ambitions constitute a clear and present danger to Europe and the US.

Iran's steady progress toward a nuclear arsenal was made all the more frightening in the face of the recent comments by retired Mossad director Meir Dagan. In a shocking breach of protocol and in apparent violation of the law, the man who until a few months ago stood at the helm of Israel's efforts to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions attempted to take Israel's military option for striking Iran's nuclear installations off the table. In press interviews, Dagan stated that it would be disastrous for Israel to strike Iran's nuclear installations.

Dagan failed to note that it would be far more disastrous to allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. (complete article)

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