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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Airport Security Checks

Flying can be a very inefficient form of "public transportation" because of the fear of terrorism.  Last night my husband and I flew to the states from Israel for family reasons.  I was glad that I didn't dirty my socks.  We were not required to take off our shoes.  Other things, no doubt due to profiling, seemed less strict for us.  Maybe it was how I called the security inspector over, asking why we had been skipped.  The atmosphere was pleasant, but I have this way about me that generally makes the security guys/gals feel that I'm just a harmless old lady.

On the otherhand, the Delta people didn't allow water bottles onto the plane.  We emptied the bottle, I drank 2/3 and my husband 1/3 before that strict security check.  It was refilled from the water fountains, but they made us dump it.  At least the Delta airplanes gave large cups of water with unlimited refills. 

When I flew from AZ to NY last summer, I was allowed to bring water and coffee bought in the airport after going through security.  Now I'm confused.  The rules keep changing or is it country or individual airports that make those decisions?

I'd appreciate info, thanks, in the comments.

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Keli Ata said...

Homeland Security is an utter mess.

I'm glad I don't travel by plane. So far there's none of this water bottle stuff on Greyhound buses or trains.

BTW: Did you read about the 95-year old woman in Florida who was forced to remove her adult diaper by the TSA?

Sara Layah said...

Batya - Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at LAX requires shoe removal when leaving the US.

KA - I understand that airplane travel is a choice and not a constitutional right. Yet it seems airplane travelers surrender their rights to TSA. Here's the link to "Elderly woman asked to remove adult diaper during TSA search"

Batya said...

Last year shoes were still removed' but I could take airport bought drinks to plane seat. TASE doesn't profile but could have heard warnings of fakes.
certainly makes short trips long

Keli Ata said...

TY for the link Sara.

And you're right. Air travel is a choice. My sister refuses to travel by plane ever since September 11. Flat out refuses.