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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Latma Takes on Tom Friedman and Youtube Attacks/Deletes JewsNews

And here's the "other Thomas Friedman"

I can't understand why Youtube is so afraid of JewsNews.

Thanks to Caroline Glick for Latma


Joe said...

Mr Friedman generates enough hot air to fill an airship.....but just like the Hindenburg, it will catch on fire and crash.

A more improved Palestinian Authority politically and in terms of security???? What does this man smoke?

Never missed an opportunity ? Ehud Barak was willing to give the Palestinians 98% of Yehudah v'Shomron and East Yerushalayim and for his troubles received the second Intifada.
Sharon gave Gush Katif and missiles rained in Sderot and southern Israel and Hezbollah sent 4000 missiles into northern Israel gift wrapped.....and Israel is the drunk driver!!!!

America is not like grandfather America anymore ? So, why did it wipe out the Egyptian debt? Why does it give billions of $$$ to the PA, train its military etc, etc, etc.

So now according to Mr Freidman, Israel will be viewed differently by the world if it achieves peace with the Palestinians and then of course goes out and thumps Iran, doing their dirty work. Israel, the patsy.Is he for real????

Mr Friedman, as a Jew, you have no understanding of the real core issues that face Israel nor an understanding of Arab mentality.
For you, this is just an abstract conceptual TEST. The lives of 6 million of your fellow Yehudim are at stake....and you analyze from your office at the New York Times.

Latma summation of Mr Friedman...sarcastically brilliant.

Maybe HaShem is fed up.... not Americans.
HaShem is Shomer Israel not the US, the EU nor the UN.

Israel will lift their eyes to the mountains : from whence will their help come from ?
Their help will come from HaShem,who made Heaven and Earth!!!

Batya said...

So, Joe, why does Friedman have all these cushy writing jobs and I'm left just blogging? Does the world like the Friedman line and put-downs on Israel?

Joe said...

Shalom Batya,

exactly, the world does not love the truth.
Keep up your blogging.... it is a voice in the wilderness.
As Yeshayahu says in chapter 40, "Nachamu, nachamu, Ami."
The comfort of one in the wilderness prepares the way for HaShem.Whatever is lofty will be brought low and whatever is lowly will be uplifted. All the rough places will be made smooth.....and ALL flesh will behold the glory of HaShem.

The world of the beautiful vaulted roofs of Bavel will give way to the flimsy and humble Succah.

You will never know the importance of your humble service to HaShem.
Keep on keeping on.All the small voices in the wilderness of the world will soon unite like a roaring crescendo.Being in the front line in Shiloh( Efrayim) continue the goodly report(as you do) in order to do the tikkun of the meraglim in their cushy offices of the midbar.

The Calev reinforcements are there to support and the chassidei u'mot l'olam are bringing up the rear.
This is HaShem's battle to vindicate HIS EMET and thus expose the world of sheker.

You, dear one, are holding tight to His Emet. Cushy means nothing, emet means all.

Batya said...

Joe, thanks

Keli Ata said...

I agree with what Joe wrote Batya:)

Joe--Love that you quoted by absolute favorite and most comforting tehillim (121).