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Friday, June 3, 2011

Two Voices: Jackie Mason versus The Radical Left

Hat tip: BOK, Shy Guy

Nu, so you're too busy to read.  Listen to these and make your decisions.  Who, which side is best for the survival of the world?

Now for a "dumb question:" What's so awful about the "capitalist system" that it must be destroyed. Capitalism, supply and demand, that's human nature. Communist countries, the great super power, the USSR, fell, collapsed and became Capitalist because that's the way the world works. Western infiltrators had no part in it. Their communist system was as sturdey as an igloo in the desert. The same happened to Mao's communist China.

Beware of the Leftists. They are out to cause anarchy, chaos and then rule by totalitarian dictatorship. They, the Left, don't abide differences of opinion.


Anonymous said...

Jackie Mason is one of the few gems who can make a 4 minute video with only one sentence in it. :)

Batya said...

straight talker