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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Negotiating Peace in Good Faith? Not In the Foreseeable Future

Unfortunately, some things must be seen in black and white.  Negotiating in good faith would mean no prior demands and a mutual goal.  We have none of that between Israel and the Arabs.  Egged on, encouraged by United States President Barack Hussein Obama, the Arabs are demanding that as a condition for even beginning to negotiate, Israel must agree to a total withdrawal from the land we won fair and square in a defensive war for our very existence in June, 1967.

If that's the case, then what is there left to negotiate?

Nu, there's another problem.  Israel wants peace, and the Arabs want our Land to make a new state.  We don't have the same goals.

Nu, so what's there to talk about?

Talks with the Arabs will only bring us war.

It's very clear.

So, let's just get on with living here.  And let's stop this farce. 



in the vanguard said...

Hashem is doing us a big favor by hardening the hearts of our enemies to spurn all consideration of Israel's recognition - for otherwise, there would be many Jews willing to sit down and negotiate away land that is sacred ground, which they no right to give away, no matter that it might bring peace! Hashem, for our sake, renders such negotiations futile.

Batya said...

We still have a job to do.