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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Dose of Reality/History

I took this picture from the Hebrew University Amphitheater on their Har HaTzofim, Mount Scopus campus.  My husband and I were there for his Masters Degree graduation.  Considering how extremely Left most of the professors there are, I was surprised at references to a dark part of the university's history.  Sorry, but I didn't take notes, nor write down the name of the speaker who set me on the track of this post.

The event's theme was Jerusalem, and there was mention of the nineteen years between the War for Israel's Independence  and the 1967 Six Days War, when the university campus was an isolated enclave in Jordanian held territory.  Jordan made it very difficult and dangerous for Israelis to get to it. Hebrew University had to rebuild itself in a totally new location.

During the speeches I daydreamed a bit and took photographs.

My mind wandered, thinking of that nineteen year isolation.  Isn't it rather "ironic," that the Hashemite-Jordanian kings who are such favorites of the western world, considered so European, were the rulers that are responsible for Israel's difficulty accessing  the Mt. Scopus campus during those nineteen years.  It was also Jordan that forbade not only Jewish Israelis but Christian and Moslem ones, too, from visiting holy sites in the land that Jordan had invaded and taken over.  During those nineteen years, Jordanian soldiers also shot at Israeli citizen and didn't prevent terror attacks against Israel.

I keep wondering what "rose-colored" lenses Prime Minister Binyanin Netanyahu wears to make him convinced that Israel would survive the convoluted borders he's proposing, when those occupying the neighboring land (G-d forbid) will be terrorists who deny Israel's right to exist

Can a terrorist change his spots?

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