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Friday, June 10, 2011

Female Political Hopefuls, Beware of Perfect Faces, Figures and Loving Husbands

I think that Rush Limbaugh got it right re: Sarah Palin.  Yes, the jealousy factor, her looks and loving husband make the American public (especially other females) very nervous.

Eleanor Roosevelt never had that problem.  If she had tried to run for United States President over fifty years ago, she probably would have succeeded.  She wasn't a great beauty and her husband, United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, had a long-time mistress.

Hillary Clinton, being of a different generation, tried to use her marriage to philandering President Bill Clinton as a stepping stone to her own United States Presidency but had the bad luck to be opposed by the more photogenic and novel Barack Hussein Obama.

Palin is even prettier than the lookalike actress/comedian, Tina Fey, who played her on Saturday Night Live.  Don't forget that Fey is younger, born in 1970 than Palin, born in 1964, and has only one child versus Palin's five.

There are countries that like to elect pretty women in solid marriages, but the United States isn't among them.

I'm rather cynical about politics and politicians.  It's all theater, and you can't force people to buy tickets.  Also, nowadays at least, most politicians, especially in the United States, are just actors, figureheads spouting/declaiming whatever their staff writes out for them.  Campaigns, programs, policies are out of the control of the candidate/office holder.  The image takes on a life all its own, like that Woody Allen movie,  Purple Rose of Cairo - 1985, in which movie actors and characters get all mixed up with real life.

Palin and her family are probably better off if she sticks to her media job with Fox News and doesn't run for the U.S. Presidency.  She won't be elected.


in the vanguard said...

You say,
"There are countries that like to elect pretty women in solid marriages, but the United States isn't among them. ... She won't be elected."

Hope you're wrong!

Batya said...

To make things worse for Palin, the Republican establishment hates her.

Keli Ata said...

Palin is all over the place on too many issues. She might gain the support of the Tea Party nuts, but that's about it.

She'll never be elected.

Batya said...

No doubt another point is that she doesn't seem to have any real professional help. Politics is a business.