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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Israel-Arab "Land Swap" plus "Defensible Borders," An Oxymoron

In political speeches, like fairy tales and romance novels, reality doesn't hold a candle.  You're expected to "just imagine" a world in a different dimension where the Laws of Nature and Numbers don't function.

If Israel gives away to anyone, friend, foe, Arab, U.N., U.S. etc an iota of the land we now hold we won't have defensible borders.  The idea of "land swap" is even worse.  Just look at the maps:

The lines/borders are pretty straight right now.  Once you start making squiggles and swaps Israel won't have defensive borders.  It's very simple.

No doubt in my mind that when United States President Barack Hussein Obama and all sorts of other politicians, media people, professors etc claim that we can be safe and secure after giving Arab terrorists our Land, they are out and out lying.  They don't care one iota if we survive or not.

We, Israel, don't have to please anyone.  We just must take care of ourselves!


Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

you are very right!

and did anyone notice the other oxymoron in BHO's speech, when he said that while he does think that Israel should have secure borders, the arabs who call themselves "palestinian" must have a *contiguous* state. how could this be possible without cutting Israel in two? or maybe that is BHO's objective?

Anonymous said...

Two states, an Arab state east of the Jordan and a Jewish state west of the Jordan, are the only real basis for peace.

When will a politician of any state, US or Israel, clearly state this?

Robertcw72 said...


Batya said...

Leah,yes, all part of his big lie, like those con men shell games.

a, Jordan is a fake enough state, not based on people, culture or history.

Robert, thanks

Hadassa said...

The US State Department doesn't like to publicize some of the documents in its archives, like the one in which high-ranking diplomats write that the pre-Six Day War borders of Israel are untenable. It's not a secret. A Google search will reveal the item. (I'll try to look later. I've found it before.)

Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

anon, I call that the "23 state solution". the arabs already have 22 states that they conquered, comprising 99% of the Middle East, and we have just one, in our ancestral homeland, and comprising 1% of the Middle East. the arabs should be satisfied with their 22 states and not expect us to give them half of ours.

Sabba Hillel said...

Actually, we should support the "1967" borders. That is the "borders" as of July 1, 1967

How many leftists will not notice the actual date I am calling for.

Batya said...

Thanks to all of you, good points