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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

War Thoughts and Politics

There are two important articles in the Jerusalem Post. One is a very complete analysis of the recent war by Shmuel Katz, which I also posted on Blog Free!, just in case it disappears from the JP site.

The second is: Peretz: We have no partner for peace

Yes, I'm impressed. He actually seems to be paying attention to the facts rather than letting ideology rule his mind.

Peretz also voted against the budget, while none of his fellow Labor ministers joined him. The old-time Labor Party leaders never really liked him, since they're of the Ashkenaz elite, and he's a Sfardi "worker." You got it! The Labor party isn't of the "amcha," the ordinary "man in the street." It's the core of the Israeli left. Somehow Peretz was elected its leader, but its other politicians won't accept him. They thought they could control him.

I guess Peretz realized he had been set up and was left holding the bag. It'll be interesting to see what he does next.

There should be some interesting political maneuverings within the next few months. Let's see which Kadima rats try leaving its sinking ship. That's besides the Labor infighting...

If the Likud wants to gain the trust of the nation, it had better not accept any of the rats back!

I'm just an observer, and it looks like a nice show.


Robin Ticker said...

I'm for starting a new party whose platform is true to the Torah. No negotiating on parts of Eretz Yisroel. Kadima was a new party and managed to be successful without any real ideology. There s no reason why a party using the written Torah as THE common denominator can't be a huge success. It will gain support across the board bringing many votes from Shas and UTJ as well. Please visit http://shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com/2006/09/why-manhigut-should-break-with-likud.html

yitz said...

Batya, Before you get too excited about Pereetz, read this:
Israel has earned the blessings of management by protexia. Today brings news of a wartime Defense Minister oblivious to the basic elements of Israel's defense.
Defense Minister Amir Peretz bolstered Daniel Doron's argument that he is illiterate by announcing during the war that no one had informed him that Hezbollah had missiles in Lebanon. Apparently no one had informed him that this information could be accessed from non-classified materials released to the public in the form of the daily newspaper.
Today Peretz falsely announced that the naval blockade of Lebanon was still in effect. (In defense of the Defense Minister, this is not viewed as central to Israel's defense now that the job has been outsourced to UN defenders.)
Interestingly the reporting implies that rather than reveal his ignorance, he simply chose to assert a random answer:
The defense minister faced an embarrassing moment during the meeting after giving a false reply to a question to which he seemed not to know the correct answer. When asked whether Israel was still enforcing a naval blockade in Lebanese waters, Peretz answered affirmatively.
After several MKs retorted that they "were aware of different information," his military secretary told him that no such blockade was intact.

Read the whole thing here.

Batya said...

robin, yitz,

I certainly don't support or trust Peretz, I'm just enjoying watching him drive them (Labor and Kadima) crazy.