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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Opposition Leader?

During the last Israeli Elections, Avigdor Lieberman campaigned well and hard. photo credit It'll take more than prayers to get what he wants.

He's a powerful man. A few years ago, when wandering around Kikar Zion, the downtown "square" in Jerusalem, I suddenly felt a stare. I looked around and noticed Lieberman standing just outside "Marcel's," the popular barbershop. He was "taking in" the crowds. As a teacher, I really envy that talent. He's the type who can walk into a noisy crowded room, and suddenly, without doing "anything," all the attention's on him.

The world is starting to take notice, and they should. Even Newsweek has him featured in a comprehensive interview, a privilege rarely given to anybody to the right of Ehud Olmert.

Lieberman is a decade younger than Bibi Netanyahu. His "other language" is Russian rather than English. Their styles are very different; though I have a feeling that their actual policies, especially under pressure, are the same. Even though I wish there was more choice, it seems like there isn't anyone besides those two jostling for national leadership.

At this point I couldn't say which I prefer. Is anybody ready to vote?

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