Thursday, September 21, 2006

27%? No vote of confidence

The media is proclaiming that 27 percent of the public believe that Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu is the most suitable person to head the government. OK, yes that's a plurality, but it's no vote of confidence. You can't reword it as "most Israelis want Bibi Netanyahu as Prime Minister." All it means is that in Mina Tzemach's poll, when people were given a list of possible Prime Ministers, more chose Bibi than any of the others.

Bibi was the only Likud choice. Avigdor Lieberman got 15%, and they were the only choices not from Kadima or Labor.

In another poll, the percentages of support, "approval rating," for the government ministers dropped by an average of half or more. For instance, Olmert "plummeted to 22 percent, compared to 48 percent six weeks ago."

And the ongoing saga of President Katzav is dropping to a new low, as he is now trying to show that the charges are from Bibi supporters, since he could have had been considered serious competition to Bibi. Honestly, considering how Bibi and his wife were hounded during his previous time in office, I don't think he has that sort of power.
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lilfeathers2000 said...

don't you hate polls. Its so easy to get the results you want by the wording of a question.

Batya said...

A few weeks ago, I wrote about one which showed such contradictions.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it make you nervous when politicians look so happy?