Sunday, September 3, 2006

Passed the test of time

I want to thank mw for sending me this, which I wrote a year and a half ago. It's pretty "eerie" reading these thoughts today, after Disengagement, Amona and the "Spin" War. You probably know that none of the "big" publications pay me for my writing, which could be because they don't think I'm worth it. Sometimes I reread something I've written and it's hard to believe that it came from me. It actually sounds good, even better than what the high-paid commentators say. I could just insist that if nobody's paying, then nobody's going to see it. But that wouldn't do me any good. I did stop writing letters to the editor. I prefer my blogging and the few publications which publish my work. It's just not healthy for me to bottle it all in, and I consider my writing to be my contribution to the "hasbara" effort (information campaign) to protect the State of Israel.

Here's an excerpt from "No ExcusesThe Buck Stops…At Arik Sharon!:"

Simplistically, we can take this two ways and consider both the truth. First of all, let’s give Sharon some credit. He’s not blaming anyone but himself, when the entire country is now in danger. But then again, he hasn’t yet admitted that the country’s more in danger now than before his plan. Also, he hasn’t given a convincing rationale that his plan will benefit the country.

Remember, the Arabs have not promised peace, true or any other flavor or variety, in exchange for the destruction of Gush Katif and northern Shomron, the Jewish homes, businesses, farms and educational institutions, etc. The fact that the Americans, UN, Europe, Peace Now, the media—that’s right—almost everyone at best hopes that this will satisfy the terrorists, at least for awhile. Then why is Israel doing it? Good question.

Ariel Sharon admitted that nobody asked him to destroy Gush Katif and the Jewish communities in northern Samaria. Then why is he inviting the Arab terrorists to set up their military structure, mortar launchers, on the outskirts of Israeli cities? Why is he making it easier for the Arab terrorists to strike at all major Israeli population centers? Why is the Israeli Prime Minister promising, pledging, to banish Jews from the most strategic hills and mountains in the Holy Land?

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