Friday, September 8, 2006

Oy, The Public

Democracy is no better than the people who vote. At least polls are just "trial runs." This last IMRA poll shows how little the public thinks about the consequences.

On one hand the vast majority of those who answered said that the proposed budget is bad.
From what you have heard, is the State budget for 2007 good or bad on a
social-welfare standpoint?
Good 7.6% Bad 70.3% Neither 9.2% Other 12.9%

But not approving the budget can make the government fall, needing new elections. They don't want new elections.
In light of the situation, should Knesset elections be advanced?
Yes 40.9% No 53.8% Other 5.3%

They want Labor to leave the government over the budget.
If the State budget for 2007 is approved in the Knesset in accordance withy
the current Ministry of Finance proposal, should the Labor Party leave the
government because of it?
Yes 52.4% No 27.6% Other 20.0%
Voted Labor: Yes 35.4% No 42.6% Other 22.0%

But they want more parties to join the government.
Do you support or oppose the initiative to form an emergency government?
Support 50.2% Oppose 40.5% Other 9.3%
Voted Kadima: Support 39.0% Oppose 52.6% Other 8.4%

Shabbat is getting closer, Baruch Hashem, so I can stop this nonsensical report of public opinion.


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for someone to explain why the ogvernment is tabling a 2007 budget now in September. Usually, these things wait until the end of the year, and frankly can go all the way until the spring too.

Batya said...

smart boy
never thought of that one