Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Replacement for Ollie-mert?

Instead of our present Prime Minister, whose motto, more than ever appears to be [in his own words]: “We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies, we want to be able to live in an entirely different environment of relations with our enemies.”

And with a Defense Minister, who was described by Sever Plocker of Yediot Acharonot as: “The Histadrut labor union federation's secretary general was appointed to the post of defense minister and almost immediately embarked on a war whose objectives were vague and its conduct scandalous.”

And as Plocker goes on: “Intelligence sources assured us Hamas would not win the elections in the Palestinian Authority, and of course it did. The Gaza Strip went up in the flames of the Israeli Air Force's bombing, but the firing of Qassam rockets towards Israel has not ceased.”

And: “Tens of thousands of poor Israelis were abandoned for weeks in neglected bomb shelters in the north, desperately waiting for a moment of grace between the falling of one Katyusha rocket and another.”

Perhaps someone like this would do a bit better?

“The MK suggested that in order for Israel to secure the release of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers Israel should take terrorists hostage.
She also suggested that Israel destroy Arab infrastructure and ‘cut off all oxygen so that they cry “Mercy”. ‘Why should they have electricity if Shalit has not been returned?’ she asked. ‘Where is our strength? Where is our logic?’ she asked.”
“The way of humanitarian gestures towards the Arabs has failed,” she added.

Who is she? MK Esterina Tratman of the Yisrael Beitenu party.

Ollie, step down and make way for someone who knows how to do the job!

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