Saturday, September 30, 2006

War, isn't it?

Israel isn't defending its citizens!

Qassam hits house in Sderot; 2 people lightly injured
Firing of Qassam rockets toward Sderot continues: Rocket fired from northern Gaza Strip directly hits house. Two people injured by shrapnel and seven others suffer from shock. In cabinet meeting this week, Dichter says: 'State not providing sufficient response to Sderot residents' (picture credit)

What is the government waiting for?

For years, Kiryat Shemoneh suffered from rocket attacks, and the Israeli government did nothing, too. It was only when Haifa and Nahariya were attacked did they show some interest.

Sociologically, Kiryat Shemoneh and Sderot are similar places. They aren't populated by the Ashkenaz elite. Could that be one of the reasons?


Yossi said...

I also use to think that if the Ashkenazi elite were attacked the govt would respond differently until the Lebanon - 2 war. After Haifa was bombed, the govt continued bombing "empty" infra structure in Lebanon (bridges, highways, empty buildings, launched sites after missile firing, airport runways, etc). Haifa has lots of Ashkenazi and the govt. allowed it to be bombed for a month in deference to Lebanese - shiite "civilians".

Anonymous said...

Like what King David wrote...