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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Too much spinning can make one very dizzy!

Olmert has been busy, very busy, trying to spin himself out the mess he has gotten into.

His war to release the kidnapped soldiers didn't succeed at all. His coalition is falling apart. Now he's desperately looking for partners, so he can get the budget passed. Olmert has legal problems, corruption for a change. And there's more than one case against him.

More and more Israelis are admitting that Disengagement endangered the state and Olmert's Plan for more Destruction and Transfer/Exile of Jews will cause unbearable harm to the security and viability of the State of Israel. So now Olmert made a carefully worded announcement, which should be looked at very thoroughly. Translated: "What was good a few months ago, isn't good now."

There's a horrendous problem in that statement.
Olmert does not admit that his plan was intrinsicly bad. He still claims that "in principle" it's good, just not the right time. And for that reason, he must not be given another chance! Everything possible must be done to get him and all of his supporters permanently out of office and places of influence.

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