Tuesday, March 21, 2006

quick note

I think that many of us just have a sick feeling in the pit of the stomach about all that's happening in Israel, and whoever thinks it's just a problem for Judea and Samaria is mistaken.

I don't have time right now to search, but there's a line in "Shmuel" which seems so deja vu...

Shmuel was the last Prophet, the one who got the monarchy, or to be more exact--monarchies going. He had a tought job, and the People didn't obey. He, very similar to some of the things that Moshe Rabenu said to G-d, complained to G-d that "the people aren't listening."

Then G-d replies in a way, I'm paraphrasing: "You're complaining?" or "You think you have trouble?"

I'd appreciate if someone could help me find the pasookim.



Baldragues said...

Hallo, Batya.
You are talking about Shmuel Alef, chap 8, vers 7. But it seems to be as if Hashem says: Is not your trouble, it's Me they don't like.
Does it help you?

Batya said...

Muchas gracias!
To think that my Tanach teacher reads my blog and answers my question about the pasook he taught me a number of years ago.

We're all in pain from the terrible things going on, and I think of that pasook and how HaKodesh Baruch Hu must feel.