Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Honenu Head Arrested!

Shmuel Meidad (no relation), the founder and Head of Honenu, Civil Rights Israel, the Legal Aid Service, was arrested!

Meidad, who isn't a lawyer, has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of Israelis with legal difficulties brought on by Israel's "catch 22" legal quagmires and blatently political police and judicial.

Last summer, his wife, Etti, and infant daughter were jailed.

At this time, the exact reason for his arrest is unknown.

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Baldragues said...

Zangi is on his way back home.
The police wants to take his weapons, after inventing an event that never happened.
He doesn't want to deliver the weapons, of course (they live in Hevron).
So he is invited again for tomorrow.
The family is in very good mood.
The police is conspiring against the family, as we can understand.
We all encourage them.