Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Neither nice, nor accurate!

The post-election spinning and spamming will continue for awhile, as the politicians and journalis and bloggers, too digest the results of the Israeli elections.

One statement that really bothers me is from Tzvi Hendel of the NU-NRP:
MK Tzvi Hendel of the National Union/NRP attacked Marzel and Herut's Michael Kleiner, blaming them for the NRP/NU's relatively poor showing. "We must wipe the 'Baruch Marzel' phenomenon off the map!" said Hendel.

It's neither nice nor accurate!

IMHO, the problem was that the National Union should have had made its agreement with Marzel, not the National Religious Party. Together they would have gotten well over twelve seats, and yes, the NRP may have faded from the political scene. The agreement Hendel did make lost his party votes. If he and his Tekuma (former NRP) buddies really feel that much close with NRP, they should have rejoined it and let Moledet and Marzel run together.

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