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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

News, March 7

Today, while riding home in a "tremp" it was hard to stay quiet during a ridiculous radio interview. The interrogator was brow-beating a "leftist" who had done the unheard of, the unspeakable. She had testified at the Special Knesset Committee's second session on the Police brutality at Amona that the demonstrators were non-violent and hadn't provoked the police. This woman reported that she had heard the young demonstrators being instructed how not to fight the police. As we all know, there was massive police violence. The interrogator kept insisting that the demonstrators hadn't acted properly when the mounted policemen advanced on them with their horses. What were they supposed to do? they were literally "between a rock and a hard place."

Watch this, and it will be perfectly clear that there is no need for a Special Knesset investigation. The police brutality was a criminal act and all involved from the police to their commanders to the politicians who made the policy should all be in jail.

Bibi's playing hardliner in his quest for another term as prime minister. He claims that he will fight back to stop the Kassam rockets from attacking Israel. Yes, I know that rockets don't "attack" but they don't fall by themselves either.

This is the "news" and nothing's really new. My neighbor just called asking me to take a list of numbers for the "phone campaign."

G-d willing, we'll deserve and receive a needed miracle.

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