Monday, March 6, 2006

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PO Box 2239, 432 East 14 Street, New York, NY 10009-9998, USA

For the last eight months, we worked very hard to promote your business, your name, your events, your organization, your product and our Jewish culture and heritage. We published all your press releases. We gave you huge news coverage, absolutely free of charge. And we did this for thousands of our people. Without donation or any from of financial support, we cannot stay in business. Of course, if we are supported, there is always a possibility of coming back. It's up to you.
Here is the situation: Mr. de Lafayette, Editor-in-Chief and our editorial staff are no longer able to carry the entire Agency on their shoulders. Like all nonprofit, incorporated entities, they expected the thousands of people they supported to lend a hand in return. They did not, despite numerous requests. What we received were accolades and "nice words", but not a dime! Unfortunately, getting everything for free can only go so far.

So for now the New York Jewish Herald's and World Jewish News Agency's doors are closed. Should concerned people respond with a donation or an ad, it is possible to revive the entity, but Mr. de Lafayette can no longer devote the enormous amount of time and his own resources without support. He has nothing left and without donations this is the end of the line. Below, is Mr. Mordecai's open letter to our Jewish communities. It is self-explanatory.

Rachel Rosenthal, Deputy Editor

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An open letter from Modecai Ben Zvi, Managing Editor

Dear Friends:

After less than a year of existence, The World Jewish News Agency and the New York Jewish Herald have reached heights of recognition beyond our wildest dreams. We have received Google ratings the like of which people only fantasize about. And we have a marvelous stable of writers and columnists, including syndicated journalists of world fame. Throughout this time, we have been helpful to you by publishing your press releases, writing reviews of your work, plays, books, and publishing articles about your events and businesses. The Agency has become such a valuable forum, that many of you freely admitted that being part of it had increased your exposure, your business, and your appearances on Google. You have also said that you would hate to lose the opportunity of appearing there. We have done all that free of charge.

But now the time has come to reevaluate the situation. We have no choice anymore. Keeping the Agency alive takes a great deal of money, and unless the Agency's income is increased considerably, I simply cannot answer for its continued existence. Should that happen, many of you will feel that you have lost a very important venue. In addition, most of you are professionals. How many of you would be willing to give your services for free, indefinitely? All of you generally require some payment for your time and work, since you live on your earnings. Well, so does the Agency.

You can help in three ways:
First, by donating. Since we are incorporated as a nonprofit organization, your donations are tax deductible. Any amount, regardless of its size, will be highly appreciated. Please make a check or a money order payable to WORLD JEWISH NEWS AGENCY, INC., and send it to PO Box 2239, 432 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10009-9998, USA.
Second, advertising in our websites is mutually beneficial. We will get your business, and in return, we will make your products and services known to millions of readers around the world.
Third, your press releases and events. You can either pay $1.00 per line for each separate press release, or subscribe for the service for $35.00 a year, which will allow you to place any number of press releases you wish.
We thank you for your concern.


Mordecai Ben Zvi, Managing Editor,
World Jewish News Agency
New York Jewish Herald

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