Thursday, March 30, 2006

comment on the comment on the comments, my ideas for electoral reform in Israel

I wrote this as a comment to the first comment on the previous post:
Apology accepted.
If I had been really upset at your comments, I wouldn't have paid them any attention, but I felt that so many of the comments deserved my attention.
Everyone is so concerned, and rightfully so.
My feeling is that in terms of government reform, there must be a "checks and balances" and a judicial which can't control the making of laws according to "agendas" nor replace itself.
We should return to the aborted independently elected executive, so we'll have three, rather than two branches of government.


Esther said...

Interesting. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Your wish is Olmert's command. One of Sharon's first priorities when forming Kadima was to get U of Beer Shevva head Braverman on board as a potential education minister, and to start immediately (4 months ago) planning changing Israel from a parliamentary-PM system to a presidential (dictatorship).

Back then, I also said that it is a sign of mashiach that Sharon wants to prepare the nation for the coming day when mashiach comes to be crowned our king.

Everything is always for the better. Sometimes we are so full of it that we can't see what needs to be done and we need some 'non-believers' to come along and kick start the process.

Batya said...

There are two types of "executives" in government. The "chief ruler/dictator" and the third of the balance of power like in the USA.