Sunday, March 26, 2006

hours left

Here in golden golus, it's two days before elections, but in the HolyLand elections are closing in, just over a day away.

The deadline for us is a wedding this afternoon, and it's so strange to be concerned with manicures and make-up when the fate of our nation is to be decided.

Less than a day after Michael will break the glass under his and Jessica's chuppah, which is to remind us of the Destruction of Ancient Jerusalem, we will be flying back home to Israel and vote in an election which will be a "referendum" on whether or not our nation, our people, care enough about our Land to defend it.

The de facto prime minister, Olmert, has stated that he's "tired of fighting" and "tired of winning." But strangely, though he's tired of building and defending our country he has pleanty of energy to scheme to rule it.

That is the gyst of it from what I can gather.

After the 1967 Six Days War, there already were Israelis who were embarrassed by the gift G-d gave us. The gift wasn't just the Land, Judea, Samaria and historic Jerusalem. It was the gift of survival. The Arab armies had massed against us to eliminate us, defeat us, wipe us off the map, throw us into the sea.

The great Israeli satirist of the time wrote: "So Sorry We Won." It sounded funny, but we're still suffering from it.

I don't have time to finish these thoughts, but please send them out.

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