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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just over two hours...

Just over two hours... and polls close, but my eyes are closing right now.
Because of the type of election systerm here in Israel, we won't know exactly how the governemt will be made...
So I may as well go to sleep and find out, whenever I finally get up.

I saw lots of "ToV," "tet-bet, NU-NRP" signs as we were driving from the airport to home.

I'm dozing, fading, so out of it, must get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

1. The system is rigged. The right-wing observers who sought to keep the vote-counters honest in the Arab sector were blocked by the same police who performed the Katif expulsion and the Amona pogrom.
2. Face-to-face should better be used to get families to transfer their children to religious education rather than appear as mere politicians. Go for the long haul, which might be shorter than you think. Teshuva and outreach are the words. People are still searching for spirituality if you look like you really care about them rather than just having an axe to grind.

Batya said...

very true