Monday, March 20, 2006

Final Countdown, a week before elections

Israeli Channel One's Election Newscrew is being advertised as if they, themselves were running for office. They claim that I'm watching them, because I trust them, because they're the most reliable, have the best polls, et al, ad nauseum.

But it's not really the reason. The reason is much simpler. Our simple little indoor antenna only gets Channel One and Jordan, so we don't have much choice.

I don't trust the news on Channel One, it's neither reliable, accurate nor pleasant, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that none of the news shows are any better. I'm not going to get truly objective news anyplace, even if I had the biggest satellite dish. And as bad as the news shows are here, I found the one hundred or so channels at my parents' New York home no more informative. As a news-watching experience, it was worse. I was totally frustrated in my search for information about what was going on here or anyplace in the world, except some televised hearing that was of no interest to me.

The closest thing to a reliable news source is the internet. Just "google" your "search word or phrase," and all sorts of sites, news, opinion etc will be available. It takes less time than checking all the TV stations. At least I don't waste my time in a strange version of "Russian Roulette" hitting commercials for creams, snackfood and prescription medication, when all I want to know is if things are "quiet" in Israel.

As we approach the "final count-down," a week before elections, the feeling is still like preparing for one of those unpleasant medical tests, like a colonoscopy. It's even worse than a root canal, since the results and ramifications may reverberate for years.

There are three things I must do next Tuesday, March 28, 2006.
  1. Land safely, after traveling from NY for a wedding
  2. Vote for NU-NRP
  3. Pray to G-d that whatever the results, it will be good for my family, friends, community, country and Land

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