Thursday, March 23, 2006

Don't worry

Don't worry if you don't see any posts during the next few days; I probably won't have much computer access. If I can and have something to say, I will. Otherwise, G-d willing, I'll be back for the Israeli elections.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine, a member of the Likud central committee from Manhigut Yehudit, is going to vote Likud. His understanding is that the Likud will relate to the yishuvim on the basis of how many Likud votes there are in Tuesday's election results. Thus he is not voting for this election but to build up Manhigut for the next election. If there is a next election. If there are yishuvim at the time of the next election. No, the time is now.
The Likud central committee was packed by Omri Sharon as his parting gift before he left for Kadima and then jail. Therefore there were no primaries for the Knesset list, Manhigut Yehudit was frozen out of the list, and the pro-disengagement members were placed at the top of the Likud list. I suggest that the religious/right parties, led by the NU, approach Labor as a coalition partner on the basis of the social agenda (large family benefits, education, expellee rights) and no further withdrawals without an agreement with the Arabs, clearly promulgated in Arabic, and a clear response to violations. The left-wing Meimad types among the religious Zionist public should be told of these plans quietly to encourage them to vote NU.
Lest you think I have caved in to the left, I add that the NU desperately needs Marzel to its right in the Knesset to keep it honest. Politics is politics, but there are limits. How about bringing back the novel concept of loyalty, if it isn't completely antiquated.

Batya said...

good points
G-d willing we'll be home very soon
in time to vote!!